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New Microsoft Teams Features Announced Q3 2020

Surface Hub and Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft just announced a lot of new Microsoft Teams features that are coming in the next few months (some specific times below). Here is a rundown of all of them.

Microsoft also published a study on the future of work, you can check it out here.

This blog has been reposted. See the source article here.

Microsoft Teams Together mode

Uses “AI segmentation technology” to digitally place multiple video feeds in a shared background. It’s designed to make people feel like they are in the same meeting.

It also has some AI in to make people “look towards” the active speaker dynamically.

This scales up to 49 people at the same time. More “room” types will follow.

Together mode in auditorium

Together mode in coffee shop

Microsoft Teams Large Gallery View

Up to 49 meeting video feeds. This will be rolling out in August.

Example of 16 people.

Example of 49 people.

Microsoft Teams Dynamic Stage

Dynamic layout and sizing of different videos feeds to maximise screen use and optimise the layout for those on video.

Raise hand will create a yellow box around the person raising their hand

Also, new chat bubbles will make meeting chat appear over video if you don’t have the chat pane open.

Microsoft Teams Video Improvement Filters

Filters that will improve video quality dynamically. Filters subtly adjust lighting levels and soften the focus of the camera to customise your appearance.

Live captions now with Speaker Attribution

Previously live transcription did not show who was talking with each sentence, now it will show the name of the speaker.

Live Transcript in Meeting

This is a live transcription of what’s being said in the meeting

Also available for review after the meeting

Live Reactions in Teams Meetings

Visualise your reactions and feelings in meetings. This helps you read the reactions of the people in your meeting.

Intent to support interactive Teams Meetings of up to 1,000 users

Microsoft has recently moved from 250 to 300 active participants and intends to move up to 1,000 in the future.



Whiteboard in Teams will soon be updated with new features including faster load times, sticky notes, text, and drag and drop capabilities.

This enables team members who don’t have access to a touchscreen or Surface Hub to participate in whiteboarding sessions during Teams meetings.

Mobile Remote for Microsoft Teams Rooms and Collab Bars

This will allow control of room systems without directly touching them. This will be built into the Teams mobile app. Later this year, this will be enabled for Surface Hub as well

Microsoft is also introducing the ability to wirelessly cast to any Teams Room, collaboration bar, or Surface Hub device, enabling seamless ad-hoc in-person collaboration for people in a shared space.


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