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Lifesize Icon 700 4K video system with camera

Today, the world’s first full end-to-end 4K meeting room Video Conferencing solution has been announced by Lifesize, via an exciting combination of innovative endpoint technology and a revamped cloud platform that is another world first for the Austin based technology company.  Say hello to the Lifesize Icon 700

Although previous announcements around 4K devices have been made in this space, this is the first of its kind that truly enables organisations to gain access to a professional & supportable platform that transports 4K video and content simulteneously in a dual stream, in full frame rate, across the world.

Lifesize have adopted a “cloud-first” mentality, so all new devices and solutions are designed with Cloud in mind. With a fully revamped backbone to the Cloud solution enabling full 4K streams end-to-end, paired with a 4K Video Conferencing endpoint, the new solution had us blown away with the sheer quality and detail displayed. This is the first production device running 4K video conferencing and content running simulteneously. 

How is 4K now possible?

Over the past 4 years, Lifesize has been expanding its capabilities in the cloud, with the Lifesize Cloud being one of the leading solutions selected by customers via VideoCentric due to its features, simplicity and quality of service.

More recently, The Lifesize Cloud platform has been transported to a brand new global cloud service architecture, named the Galaxy platform, ensuring the future of growth and reliability of the service for customers around the globe. The new 4K architecture provides:

  • Better reliability and fault tolerance
  • 4K dual stream conferencing
  • The ability for more features to be delivered rapidly and effectively
  • Media flowing of 4K at full frame rate
  • High resolution broadcasting and higher quality recording
  • Hugely enhanced current features including VMR sizes
  • Larger directories, groups and permissions
  • Near real-time reporting and alerts

Although organisations already using the Lifesize Cloud platform won’t have noticed any difference in their service, the capabilities the new platform brings will not go unnoticed as we move into 2019. 

“We have a full enterprise solution to support even the biggest of customers, with what we can truly say is THE best Video Communications solution. Better than anything that’s ever been around before. This is what extraordinary Video looks like”

– Craig Malloy, CEO Lifesize

Demonstrations of the 4K Icon and Infrastructure has showed us something incredible. A new league of quality for the Video Communications industry, driven forwards by the team that brought us the first HD Video Conferencing solution back in 2009. Although the 4K Video Conferencing solution isn’t the only thing the innovative team is working on (with Lifesize really stepping up their game across the board), we think it’s one to shout about and bring to your attention right now.

“At a time when many solutions are sacrificing quality of experience in favor of cost, Lifesize is taking the opposite tact by providing full-motion 4K video and content sharing. The combination of these latest offerings and the company’s field-proven cloud service will pave the way for new use cases where the combination of ease of use and high resolution are a must.”

– Ira Weinstein, Analyst, Recon Research


 Lifesize Icon 700 Announcement

 March 2019: New 4K Announcements 


When you’re ready, why not come and see the Icon 700 over at VideoCentric’s HQ? We have one of the first systems available for demonstrations and trial in the UK – you’ll be truly amazed at what you see when you do. 


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