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5 Recording and Streaming Features of VideoCloud 365

VC365 Recording and Streaming

VideoCentric have recently announced a major overhaul of the VC365 Conferencing and Collaboration platform, which has expanded globally and includes some major enhancements to connectivity, security and features. 

Alongside the expansion from two points of presence to a truly global network, the VC365 service has added unlimited recording and streaming, to assist organisations looking to host events, training and lectures directly from their collaborative platform, without the need for costly on-premise infrastructure. So what does the new Recording and Streaming feature offer?

1. Youtube Integration

With over 1 billion hours of video content watched per day, and over 100 hours of new video content uploaded to the platform every minute, YouTube is now the 2nd most visited site on the internet, and is used for more searches daily than Bing, Yahoo, Ask and AOL combined. 

With that in mind, it only seems smart for organisations to utilise this ubiquitous platform, which users and employees are already comfortable with. VC365’s new integration with YouTube offers a quick & simple to use workflow to stream and record from your VC365 Virtual Meeting Room, straight into a YouTube live account. 

Organisations can create an “unlisted” stream to a nominated YouTube Live account, which is not publicly visible on YouTube, and only accessible with the unique URL link generated for each event. Share the link before, during or after, with the audience of your choice. 

For national and international organisations, or those businesses who sell into the consumer market, this YouTube integration enables live broadcasting with just a few clicks and greatly increases the reach to audiences around the globe. 

2. Plus Custom Integration with Other Platforms Too

Easily connect to the world’s leading 3rd party streaming and recording solutions without having complex technical compatibility challenges to solve. Generate a “stream key” via your platform of choice, and simply add to the unique RTMP event in the VC365 dashboard.

Supported services include industry leaders such as Facebook Live, Periscope, Qumu, Kaltura, and many others. Choose your perfect combination of event, platform, and audience.

3. Simple Scheduling, Simple Planning

Users are able to use VC365 to create new streaming events without need for IT support. IT have control over who, when and where, and the scheduler tool then lists only the rooms that the user has permission to access and use. 

VC365 VideoCloud Scheduling Example

Select the time, date, name the event and then generate a event link in seconds. Share and promote the event ahead of streaming, and promote product launches, run customer success events, and enhance training across your workforce. Then simply distribute an archive link for later viewing. 

4. Plus Recording and Streaming on Demand, too

Even if a streaming or recording event isn’t scheduled, it’s simple to stream & record on demand too. Room hosts can simply record from inside the virtual meeting room, and broadcast by VC365 as a “private” stream to your chosen platform. Then use your platform to either make the live stream “visible”, or choose to review / share later.

5. Video Events, without Infrastructure

No longer do organisations need to purchase high cost, non-scalable Recording and Streaming servers – beyond the Virtual Meeting Rooms of VC365, there’s no extra resources, hardware or technology needed to host a live event. 


Recording and streaming solutions have long been used within financial organisations, training & HR departments, education, and corporate settings, to both reach a wider audience and enable deeper interaction from teams who may not have access to the stream right at the time it is live. There are many other great features of the VC365 Recording and Streaming platform, so get in touch with the team today to discuss your stream & record needs, or find out more in the VC365 Recording & Streaming brochure here. 


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