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Can I add Zoom to our existing Meeting Room set up?


As we start thinking about heading back into the office, we must also start thinking about what communication is going to look like from now on. You may have existing communication platforms implemented or you might not got as far as to set anything official up, but with the workforce now being more dispersed than ever, one thing is for sure – people will be asking for Zoom.

We have nearly all used Zoom during lockdown for one reason or another (virtual pub quiz to weddings to yoga class) and there is a good reason why – you can send anyone an invite link and in seconds (without having to set up an account), they can join you in a high quality and simple to manage video call.

This means that as we go back to the office environment, we are going to find more and more people requesting to use Zoom – both internally with colleagues and externally with suppliers or customers.

But what does this mean for meeting rooms with existing conferencing software and hardware? We’ve got Poly X30, Lifesize Icon, Crestron, Yealink VC, Poly Trio, Polycom, Cisco Webex Room Kit etc…will we be able to swap to Zoom or add Zoom to our capabilities?

Answer: Usually, yes! Zoom do supply what are called CRC (Cloud Room Connector) licenses, that enable existing SIP/H.323 systems to connect through to Zoom calls.  With these licenses (one needed for each concurrent SIP/H.323 connection), a Zoom participant can also dial out to a SIP/H.323 system.  A Zoom subscription will be required before these licenses can be added.

If you are looking to add Zoom to your existing meeting room system or you are looking to set up a Zoom Room, VideoCentric can help you figure out what you need, just get in touch with us at 0118 214 2300.

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