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Coronavirus and Video Conferencing: Get your Business Prepared for Travel Restrictions & Remote Working

PLEASE NOTE: The Video Conferencing industry is already noticing increased pressure on equipment needs, and we would recommend calling us on 01189798910 sooner rather than later to discuss possible options.


The UK is now moving into the delay phase for dealing with Covid-19, the Coronavirus that has begun spreading around the world and dominating world headlines as we speak.

Businesses themselves are being recommended to take precautions to limit the effect the virus will have over the coming months, with the likelihood now being that 1 in 5 employees will be off work, and many already being recommended to self-isolate to prevent the spread of the disease.

Businesses are being told to prepare and are turning to remote meetings, using Video Conferencing and collaboration tools, both to mitigate the effect of travel restrictions, as are being reported today by a number of larger corporations, but also to enable employees in self-isolation to continue working from home. It is also true that post delay stage of the Governments plans may include reduction of public transport, effecting high numbers of workers accessing employment locations, even if well.

We are already experiencing many requests from organisations wanting to purchase ex-demostration or more permanent Video Conferencing equipment for their businesses, where both regular meetings are being cancelled, but also wider training sessions and corporate events. The effects of the Coronavirus are just starting to show, and businesses need to prepare imminently for a challenge that will highly likely have a huge economic impact on both their business and the global economy.

What are you doing to prepare your staff? Are you implementing travel restrictions to prevent movement between office locations, and what tools do you have in place for isolated staff, so they can continue working from home?


Are you considering Video Conferencing tools, equipment and subscriptions? If so, you may want to think about moving quickly, implementing your business continuity plans around remote and virtual working, whilst ensuring your data and communications are still at a enterprise grade level.


We do have the UKs largest supply of hire and rental stock of Video Conferencing equipment, of which we are already beginning to ship out to UK businesses who have this week implemented new travel restrictions on employees due to Covid-19 Coronavirus. We have limited stock, and are able to arrange short and long term hire of equipment to assist your business, but we recommend you get in touch with us sooner rather than later to ensure access to technologies that may also be effected by supply chains and electronic components shipped from Asia.


You may also be interested in VMR subscriptions to assist home workers or those required to self-isolate due to the virus. Get in touch ASAP on 0118 2142300 to discuss available options or email


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