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Cutting the Cost of Collaboration

As technology has progressed over the years, organisations have first embraced the benefits of audio, and then video conferencing, as a way to communicate with their customers, partners and employees. But what is often overlooked is the costs associated with implementation. So what is it going to take to deploy, support, manage and train users across your business?

Michael Helmbrecht, Chief Operating Officer at Lifesize, and UC Today, leading online news site for the Video and Collaboration industry, discuss their thoughts on organisations moving forwards with communication solutions, areas that must be taken into consideration, and making the right choices up front to prevent facing unsustainable costs in the long run.

“Often the solution can scale but does it so inefficiently that they then have to hire more IT people and internal support people around the world to manage all their sites”

Take a look at the full interview here on UC Today >> 

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