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Within our demonstration suite in the heart of the Thames Valley, we have one of each of the world's leading Video Conferencing solutions, installed and integrated to enable you to compare like-for-life systems, cloud based conferencing solutions and Microsoft Skype for Business interoperability offerings surrounded by an unbiased, independent team of video experts. We can discuss your requirements, demonstrate each of the competing solutions, talk about the benefits and pitfalls, and help tailor a solution for your business' needs.

VideoCentric also has one of every system to bring to you anywhere in the UK, so you can see the equipment up close and personal, for a demonstration in your own environment. And we can even demonstrate at a number of executive briefing centres in and around London, or at our Scotland HQ in Edinburgh. Just let us know what suits you best.

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What can I see in action?

Our demonstration suite includes both a Desktop and Mobile suite, and a boardroom & meeting space suite. With access to the newest desktop and personal telepresence systems, software and apps on Windows, Mac's, Android, iPad & iPhone, BYOD solutions, Meeting Room endpoints, collaboration technologies, Microsoft Skype for Business and Cisco CUCM, alongside a whole host of cloud services, we can provide to you not just a demonstration of a particular systems features and functionality, but how they integrate (or not, in some cases) with other manufacturers technology and the rest of the communications world.

Our aim isn't to show off all the great features of any one particular system and get you to sign on the dotted line, right there and then. We aim to understand your needs, show you the benefits and pitfalls of the options available to you, and show you how visual communication solutions can really work within a business environment, based upon your current setup and future goals.

We even have legacy endpoints available, to show how older systems in your network or at your client or customers site may integrate, and how different solutions compare, side-by-side, on the same screen, under the same lighting.

Meet us in a place that suits you.

With our many accreditations with the likes of Cisco, Polycom and Lifesize, we have access to some of the UK's most impressive Executive Briefing Centres too, which provide a professional and comfortable setting to become immersed in today's most exciting and innovative visual technologies. We can arrange a guided tour and discussions with specialised experts in your area of business, share current and future trends, and help you make a decision in your own time with our independent team.

Prefer us to visit you at your own HQ? No problem. We have the UK's largest range of demonstration equipment for on-site demo's, enabling us to meet around your table, see your meeting space, and show you the technology at work in your own environment.

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