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Huge Spike in Lifesize Usage

We all know that March 2020 has been 1) a crazy month of change and 2) the longest month ever known to mankind. People all around the world are now working from home, and with this new way of working, new tools have been put in place (or existing tools have been utilised better) in order to help us communicate more efficiently within our teams and with customers.

We get a monthly report from our technology partner, Lifesize – (an industry leader in Video Conferencing Software) and as expected this month, our customer statistics for usage have spiked to an all time high! At VideoCentric, we love a good statistic – especially ones that show growth for our customers, so let’s have a look!

The graph below shows the total number of calls made by our customers in January, February and March this year. It quite nicely shows an increase from less than 5,000 in January to over 40,000 calls made in March. This is obviously not surprising, but still good to see! I can’t help but wonder how many calls will be made next month…

The next graph shows the average length of the calls our customers made in January, February and March. This one is a little more surprising, as you may expect calls to shorten due to efficiency or lengthen due to it becoming the main communication method, but the graph shows that in March, the figure settled somewhere in-between the previous months figures- maybe our customers found a balance?

This last graph shows the total number of call minutes made by our customers in January, February and March. This is the most staggering figure of the report. We went from under 200,000 to over a million! This shows a huge uptick in efficiency of communication and we are very excited to see what next month will look like.

Are you interested in increasing your communication efficiency? Lifesize may be the solution for you. Get in touch with us to arrange a virtual demo or to get started with 6 months for FREE! 

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