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First 4K Video Conferencing Solution Announced by Lifesize

News item: December 11, 2018
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Today, Lifesize have launched the first full 4K end-to-end Video Conferencing Solution for business communications, with 4K Video, 4K Content and 4K Cloud delivered via the Lifesize Cloud platform, and available via leading UK Gold Partner, VideoCentric. 

During the Lifesize EMEA partner conference in Nice, France, Lifesize showed partners the new 4K Video Conferencing device in action, that continues to push the boundaries of innovation for the world leading Video Conferencing company. Today, the 4K system has been publicly launched.

One of a whole line of new 4K solutions, the first in production in the industry, the device includes an incredible 4K Video Conferencing camera and codec that connects to a revamped Cloud, able to transport 4K, full frame rate content and a dual channel video/content stream, over a highly secure and feature rich hosted service from Lifesize.

“As the UK’s leading partner for Lifesize, we are incredibly excited to be able to bring this first to the UK market, helping businesses of all shapes and sizes see people and content from their colleagues and customers around the world, in incredible 4K quality. The Lifesize Cloud continues to expand and develop, and the new capabilities of the revamped platform means never seen before quality is now available to our customers – today has seen an amazing leap forward in the Video Conferencing industry”, commented Emily Shimell, Head of Customer Communications at VideoCentric Ltd. 

To find out more about the new 4K Video Conferencing capabilities for your business, get in touch with the team today on 0118 9798910.


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