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Calendar Integration from Office 365 & Google Apps now available within the Meeting Room

News item: October 25, 2016

Lifesize have added the capability to integrate your meeting calendar into your meeting room, enabling you to walk into a conference space and join a scheduled meeting, effortlessly.

Available for Lifesize Cloud Enterprise and Cloud Premium customers with paired Icon series systems, your teams can view a list of meetings for the next two days, either on the Icon’s on-screen menu, or from the Lifesize Phone HD or Lifesize Phone, making it simple to immediately join a meeting that’s in the diary.

You’ll also get a notification on the screen and on the Phone to alert you that the meeting is starting, so you can join when you are ready. The Phone HD can be customised to put the calendar button on the front screen, so you can simply scroll to the meeting you wish to join and get straight in!

Lifesize Calendar Meeting Notification

Do you want to join the meeting? Simple joining straight into your
scheduled event via the on-screen notification

Whether you use Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps for Work calendaring, this new feature from Lifesize provides intuitive functionality that saves time and makes it simple for your teams to get on with the work in hand. It’s designed to minimise the technology interaction, and get your teams right into the conversation. It’s simple to set up too – just access the admin console and subscribe your Lifesize Icon to your chosen calendar.

Lifesize Admin Console

Connect your Lifesize Icon systems to your calendar through the Admin console

And you get the calendaring functionality whether you use the Icon 400, Icon 600 or Icon 800 – each icon system and connected Phone HD displays today’s and tomorrow’s meeting agenda, and you can simply see when the room is available right from the display, meaning you’ll never get in a position where a meeting is cut short because someone else has already reserved the room. If a meeting time changes, the calendar integration updates automatically too.

Lifesize Cloud Calendar Integration with Phone HD

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