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Cisco Announces WebEx Share – The Wireless Screen Sharing Solution

News item: April 24, 2018

Cisco have announced a whole range of new devices and enhancements to the WebEx Platform in Phoenix, Arizona, at the Cisco 2018 Collaboration Summit this week. Today, Cisco have announced WebEx Share for simple wireless screen sharing within the meeting space. 

What is Cisco WebEx Share?

Cisco WebEx Share is the new low-cost, simple way for teams to share content on their displays in their meeting room. 

When launched, you will be able to simply plug the small adapter into the back of your display, pair the device with your system and start sharing your documents, content and presentations straight to the screen. 

Then with the new WebEx Teams, you can simply keep the work going in your team collaboration space. Plus, with WebEx Share, your teams will easily be able to reserve rooms, know when a room is already booked and much more.

WebEx Share will be available for WebEx Meetings and WebEx Teams at the end of 2018. To discuss this, or other Wireless sharing devices on the market today, get in touch with VideoCentric today.

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