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New Cisco Spark Announcements: What’s new?

News item: April 19, 2017
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Cisco has announced new Mac & Windows Enhancements for Cisco Spark. So, what’s new?

People and Spaces Split

On the 14th April, Cisco have enabled spaces to be grouped into two separate lists; conversations with one individual are listed under “people” and spaces you’re a part of are now grouped under “spaces”. You can also name a new space up-front, fill it up with content and add people to it later if needed!

Profile Picture Status

Presence and status information can now be seen at a glance, with colouring and highlighting around individuals profile pictures. Active and online? Your profile picture will be surrounded with green. Faded out? Not active for more than 24 hours. Out of office? Hopefully you’re on holiday… a plane icon will show over your pic! See more information on “Your Status on Spark”.

Spark MacBook Pro Touch Bar

With Cisco Spark on your MacBook Pro, you now have access to a simple Touch Bar, giving you access to your files, teams and lists with a single tap. You can share your screen and place calls straight from the tool bar. Simply open up Cisco Spark for Mac and you’ll see the toolbar right there.

And lots more…

With Cisco Spark, new updates and changes are happening all the time, based upon feedback from everyone using the service, and to make it more simple and user friendly, whilst giving you access to the latest features needed for real-time professional collaboration. Keep tuned here for the latest announcements on Cisco Spark, or get in touch today to arrange a demonstration of Cisco Spark and all the great features it provides.

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