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Lifesize Live Stream Announced

News item: March 27, 2017
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Lifesize have today announced the Lifesize Live Stream solution as the latest addition to the cloud-based Lifesize application.

A simple, flexible and secure solution to live stream company meetings, executive updates, training sessions and more with HD broadcast quality. With Lifesize Live Stream, IT have more ways to enable their organizations to easily connect and collaborate, all through one simple solution and enable an unlimited number of Lifesize VMRs to simultaneously live stream events to up to 10,000 participants and 50 video-enabled participants per event. With a single click, moderators can start presenting and users can join an event from any location, using their browser, desktop or mobile device.

This new tool raises the bar for professional live streaming with unmatched value by allowing organisations to pay based upon usage. Organisations no longer need to worry about being locked into a fixed price package or having to predict the number of events that will take place, or guessing how many participants and viewers may attend. Instead, organisations can simply grow as they need, expanding hours as required.

Additionally, Lifesize Live Stream allows organisations to promote active participation from audience members with a real-time Question and Answer feature that lets the stream participants ask questions directly within the live stream. Coupled with the Lifesize Record & Share (formerly known as Amplify), the tool allows for one-click recording of any event, which can then be shared later and housed in a secure and personal corporate video library.

“Ease of use is the biggest advantage for us with Lifesize Live Stream. In any school district, it takes a lot of time and energy to get a new tool up and running, but Lifesize Live Stream has been a pleasant surprise. Moving forward, we plan to use the tool to connect students and administrators across our campuses for board meetings, trainings and even graduations,”

– Larry Muston, Senior Telecom Ttechnician, Aldine Independent School District

“For IT, connecting an organization from end-to-end is a challenge when users are geographically distributed and operating on different devices,” said CEO Craig Malloy. “Designed to make event streaming as simple as possible, Lifesize Live Stream provides the flexibility, security and cost-effectiveness that allows organizations of any size to reach their audiences and engage with them in a meaningful way.”

Lifesize Live Stream is available through VideoCentric, the UK’s Lifesize Gold Partner, with Enterprise and Premium Lifesize Cloud subscriptions today. Get in touch to find out more or start a 14 day free trial of the Lifesize Cloud now

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