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Native VMR Scheduling with Pexip Infinity

News item: March 7, 2017
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Pexip Infinity now enables native scheduling of Virtual Meeting Rooms directly within Outlook

Video Meetings have always trended towards smaller groups of people and more ad-hoc meetings, however vendors continue to push larger meeting spaces and VMR sizes as a key reason for signing up to their service. 25 way, 40 way, 50 way, 100 way+ rooms, however with the average sized group in a video meeting at 3 people, people are actually using their VMR not for the size of the space but just as a place to meet, for a meeting however small.

The majority of meetings are scheduled in people’s calendars, so Pexip Infinity 15 now enables VMR scheduling as a native part of the Infinity Platform.

Pexip VMR scheduling for Microsoft Exchange

Pexip VMR scheduling for Microsoft Exchange enables users to schedule VMR meetings from within Microsoft Outlook. It works within the standard desktop application as well as the web interface for Outlook, and the Android and iOS web interface. Users can simply click a button and schedule a Pexip meeting from their email client. 

Importantly for the IT administrator, this Pexip scheduling function does not require any client-side changes – in other words, it is not a plug-in, it’s a server side extension, making it simple to just turn on and implement – just enable the feature and the button will appear for users.

Pexip VMR scheduling works with:

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Exchange 2013
  • Microsoft Exchange 2016

The Pexip VMR scheduling feature is available as an optional license within the Infinity Platform, and you have the option to simply enable VMR scheduling with a license key, issued and managed in exactly the same way as other licenses on the platform. 

Find out more about enabling this feature on your Pexip Platform by getting in touch today, or have a chat with us about Pexip and all the features it can offer.


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