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Pexip’s new V12 release puts Infinity in Microsoft’s Azure cloud

News item: May 2, 2016
PEXIP Virtual Infrastructure

Pexip’s upcoming release will make another major technology leap, continuing to tear down the barriers that have historically plagued the communications industry.

Pexip Infinity 12 introduces support for Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. As one of the three main native cloud platforms (alongside Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud), Microsoft Azure provides organizations with the ability to align cloud hosted compute under the same umbrella as other IT workflows. Many organizations are adopting Azure today, and Pexip is the first vendor to enable scalable and interoperable video, audio, and web conferencing in the Azure environment.

Pexip Infinity on the Microsoft Azure Cloud

In the release of Infinity version 12, Pexip Infinity will be able to be deployed on the Microsoft Azure cloud service. Azure provides a scalable capacity and eliminates the need to make any upfront investments in hardware, so customers are able to deploy Pexip Infinity much more faster, with much less effort.

With Pexip Infinity on Microsoft Azure, customers can launch as many virtual server instances as required, and use them to host a Pexip Infinity Management Node and as many Conferencing Nodes as necessary for their conferencing requirements. Pexip Infinity on Azure cloud can also be combined in a hybrid model, with current or future on-premises deployments.

 Pexip customers have the unique ability to “Cloud Burst”, enabling them to use cloud resources when needed, and then switch back to on-premise solutions when they are not required, saving on heavy costs associated with always on cloud services. Customers can use cloud bursting to give them the flexibility to scale and handle spikes in requirements as needed. API’s from Azure and Pexip can be easily leveraged to monitor on-premise and cloud usage, and scale up or scale down Conferencing Nodes as required to meet the conferencing demand.

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