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VideoCentric ditches BT phones and goes 100% video

News item: October 1, 2010

VideoCentric, the video-over-IP company, has puts its money where its mouth is and confined all of its traditional BT phones to history.

VideoCentric has self-developed a voice and video over IP solution which uses Tandberg (now part of Cisco) E20 High Definition videophones as its terminals and a mixed environment consisting of an FTS gatekeeper & firewall traversal, Tandberg VCS control and RADVision ISDN Gateway as its central infrastructure.

Internally, VideoCentric has all the features of a standard office phone system (PBX) or VoIP Call Manager, but the Company has redeveloped a video-over-IP solution to support voice, data and analogue telephony, rather than the other way round. Craig Brown, Technical Director for VideoCentric said, “Calls between our own offices, our homes and our video-enabled customers are all routed via the internet and enjoy 720P-HD quality without the costs normally associated with telecoms-based solutions. An open-source interface allows old fashioned telephony and mobile users the ability to connect through, but most of our suppliers and our Unified Communications customers now talk to every employee, face-to-face without pre-warning”. He added “If the person at the other end has a videoconferencing system then we connect with video, otherwise it simply falls back to voice-only without the distant user being aware.”

A new feature already under test also allows PC webcam users to click on the “contact us” button on VideoCentric’s web site and route directly through to one of a number of professional desktop Tandberg E20 videoconferencing systems where the PC-originated call will “ring” and be answered in the normal way, except that the call will be video from end-to-end. This is to be extended to allow customers to choose which site or departments they wish to contact and the usual divert on busy, no-reply features etc will activated. This feature can be tested by Internet Explorer users right away, but other browsers are currently unsupported.

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