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The Polycom EagleEye Producer: At-a-Glance

Polycom RealPresence Producer Front View

Polycom recently launched the Polycom EagleEye Producer – a camera innovation for the meeting room that utilises the latest in facial recognition to provide an automatic, intimate framing of meeting participants. This intelligent camera tracking has been designed to continually view the room and auto adjust the camera angle and zoom to solve the problem of wide angle shots that fail to capture and immersive the participants in the meeting.

Engaging and comfortable, the EagleEye Producer finds faces and frames people appropriately and captures non-verbal cues so that emotion can be seen. There is no need to “pass the remote” and operate the camera, and no need to readjust the focus when a meeting participant walks over to a whiteboard or display.

 Polycom EagleEye Producer Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition technology captures real faces and emotions in the call

So what are the key benefits of the EagleEye Producer?

  • Automated Camera Operation
    No need for user interaction to capture the best shots of the meeting room and participants. The camera can detect faces for rooms up to 6 metres in length with 80 degree field of view
  • Powerful Analytics
    Providing a constant, powerful level of visibility into the meeting room usage to provide vital feedback for measuring the ROI of video collaboration.
  • Interoperability
    Current room investments including room video conferencing systems and camera can simply be upgraded – in minutes. The EagleEye Producer supports the entire Polycom Group Series product line and both the EagleEye III and EagleEye IV cameras.
  • Consistent camera pointing technology
    Greatly improves usability with no training needed

This hands-free meeting room solution is more than just a camera. The intelligent EagleEye Producer extends the value of video collaboration not just by improving the meeting experience but with the provision of impactful reports on meeting statistics, IT administrators can actively monitor room utilisation to ensure automated conferences are being attended – not running in an empty room – and data can be used in real estate planning to ensure Video investments and meeting rooms are utilised to their full potential. 

Polycom EagleEye Producer AnalyticsPolycom EagleEye Producer provides continuous communication to management platform for analytical data collection


Find out more about the EagleEye Producer on the product page here, or contact us to discuss your meeting room requirements and to find out more!

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