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Cisco DX Series

Cisco DX80 Video Desktop Collaboration

Work with everyone, from anywhere in the world. With the Cisco DX Series at your fingertips, you can see and hear each other just as if you were in the same room. 

Organisations that are looking for a new style of desktop endpoints that go beyond basic voice communications and want to enhance virtual meetings with rich high-definition video need to look no further than the DX Series devices from Cisco. Simplifying the workday and enhancing working relationships in an easy and intuitive way is simple with the DX Series touch screen devices. Designed for people who spend a lot of time collaborating, the Cisco DX Series provides lifelike HD video meetings with any standard-based devices including smartphones, Cisco Telepresence systems, Cisco Spark and WebEx, CUCM, and Jabber. 

Use the DX Series to replace your desktop IP phone at the desktop, and integrate with your PC for content sharing and more, all with a single touch screen display. Or use the DX series in huddle rooms and to upgrade your furniture pods to turn them into full collaborative spaces.


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A range of DX devices for everyone

The Cisco DX Series includes:

  • The Cisco DX 650 – A compact device that looks and feels like a phone, but with a 7 inch touchscreen display. Plus you can connect an external monitor for simple content viewing.
  • The Cisco DX70 – a midsized device with a 14 inch touch-based display and the ability to use the system as your PC monitor, to remove clutter from the desk. Share PC and Mac content whilst in a meeting, and access Cisco Spark rooms with the touch of a button.
  • The Cisco DX80 – The largest of the DX range, providing a 23 inch fully touch-based screen and the ability to use the system as your PC monitor. Share PC and Mac content within a virtual meeting, and connect straight into your Cisco Spark rooms. 

Cisco DX Series Endpoints



  • Business Class HD Video – Breaking down the barrier of distance, the DX Series can meet with anyone who’s device supports the H.264 AVC video standard. It’s highly reliable, secure and simple to use. 
  • Intuitive Touch Screen – The DX Series systems are fully touch-based, just like a smartphone or tablet. Plus, you can also plug in a USB wideband audio handset or headset, so anyone can feel comfortable with the equipment at hand.
  • All-in-one Desktop Collaboration – Clear your desktop clutter with the Cisco DX Series. With HD video and voice, and unified communications features, you can replace your desktop IP phone and use the DX70 or DX80 as a display for your laptop or PC. 
  • Flexibility for Different Environments – Home based workers can connect to everyone face-to-face with the DX series systems. It’s perfect for any office space, desktops, shared workspaces and hot desks, and even small meeting rooms. 

More Information?

Take a look at the individual pages for the DX650, DX70 and DX80, or you may be interested in:

Or get in contact to arrange a demonstration or trial of the DX Series devices. 


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VideoCentric are a Cisco Premier Partner and one of the first trained organisations in selling Cisco Spark and the Spark Board. As an independent and unbiased organisation, with Cisco solutions, alongside other leading collaboration technologies, our specialists can advise you on Cisco Collaboration solutions alongside other competing solutions in an unbiased environment. 

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Cisco DX80 Video Desktop Collaboration
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