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Clearone Converge SR1212A


Converge SR 1212A is a highly advanced 12X12 automatic digital mixer with an integrated four channel power amplifier.

The Converge SR 1212A delivers enhanced management features, simplified configuration tools and industry-leading expandability for use in virtually any venue and application. Converge SR 1212A incorporates an advance suite of technology to deliver the best-sounding audio experience possible. In addition, the Converge SR 1212A incorporates ClearOne’s revolutionary DARE™ feedback eliminator, providing a feedback elimination algorithm that is superior to any other on the market.

Multiple Converge SR 1212A units can be linked via their low latency audio and control bus to create larger systems to accommodate a greater number of participants. Flexible signal routing, assignable processing channels, presets, macros and Ethernet network control all contribute to the versatility of the system. The SR 1212A is perfect for courtrooms, council chambers, corporate and AV presentation rooms, as well as room combining, training/lectures, high quality paging and voice masking applications.  


  • Automatic microphone mixing
  • ClearOne’s new advanced DAREâ„¢ feedback elimination
  • A full range of parametric, shelving and crossover filters
  • Compression and limiting
  • Automatic gain control
  • Adaptive volume control
  • Signal routing
  • Automated system check
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