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Clearone Converge TH20


 The TH20 enables conference call functionality for Converge Pro installations with its single telephone line connection. Up to 16 units can be linked for greatly expanded conferencing capability. Converge Pro TH20 also adds two line-level inputs and outputs for increased system capability. Converge Pro TH20 is the successor to the industry-leading XAP TH2. 


Advanced Telephone Feature Set
Signal Processing Improvements
Telephone voice cancellation on RX channel
ClearEffect speech enhancement
Automatic level control on RX channel
Caller ID
Selectable ringers

Increased I/O capabilities
2-line level input/output
Audio expansion bus

Management Improvements
Integrated Ethernet and USB connections
SNMP and HTML remote management agents
Event scheduler
Diagnostic console
Simplified Configuration Software
Drag & drop A/V and channel objects
Selectable views—unit, matrix, channel

Superior Audio Performance
Digital signal processing technology ensures crystal clear audio
Echo cancellation eliminates telephone line echo
Automatic level control
Digital anti-alias filter minimizes hum and Central Office switching noise

Configuration Flexibility & Scalability
Connects to ClearOne’s Converge Pro products through expansion bus port
Conference up to 16 callers in a Converge Pro installation with multiple TH20s
Configure through included Consoleâ„¢ software

Ease of Use & Control
Speed dial stores 10 frequently dialed numbers
Incoming call ringing is heard through the loudspeaker
Selectable auto-answer and auto-disconnect
Users can dial telephone numbers, access voice mail, pagers, etc. without the use of a separate telephone device through integrated DTMF (touch-tone) dialing
Software-selectable country configurations

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