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Lifesize Icon 700

Lifesize Icon 700 4K video system with camera

The new Lifesize Icon 700, providing 4K video and 4K content, transported end to end via the Lifesize 4K Cloud. 

  • Engaging 4K end to end video
  • Brilliant 4K content sharing
  • Market leading camera with rich camera optics
  • Exceptional audio for greater voice pickup
  • Simple user experience with the current TouchHD Phone

The Lifesize Icon 700 is the world’s first 4K Video Conferencing solution, part of a new line of Video Conferencing and communication products from Lifesize. At full frame rate, content can be shared locally and remotely in 4K, providing unmatched quality for your meeting rooms and distant business communications. 


 Come and see 4K Video in Action


With the most captivating video experience possible, this new Video Conferencing solution, able to be paired directly with the Lifesize Cloud service, delivers a communication and collaboration experience that is intuitive, customisable, resilient, secure, and unrivaled in quality.

4k Video is here

Lifesize have engineered the best video conferencing experience available on the market today. Present your business and make the best impression within each and every conversation. Bring your meetings to life. Unmatched full-motion 4K content and stunning 4K video to create an immersive and engaging experience, every meeting. 

The Icon 700 is the world’s first true 4K video and 4K full-motion content sharing video conferencing solution. The combination of the Lifesize Icon 700 and the newly upgraded Lifesize service architecture means not just 4K video in your meeting room, but 4K content, delivered via a 4K cloud, to ensure everyone is seen at their best… and everything you have to present is, too. 


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Available for demonstration, trial and pricing today from UK Lifesize Gold Partner, VideoCentric. Get in touch today to discuss the future of communications with 4K conferencing for your business. 

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Lifesize Icon 700 4K video system with camera
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