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Lifesize Cloud Enterprise

Lifesize Cloud Amplify recording multipoint call

The Lifesize Cloud for Enterprise is a complete video, audio and data collaboration solution, providing collaborative tools for everyone in your organisation. 

With unlimited Virtual Meeting Rooms, desktop, mobile, tablet & meeting room connectivity, instant calling from desktop to the meeting space, recording functionality, Skype for Business interoperability, chat, presence, calendaring and unlimited audio-calling with over 60 international dial-in numbers,  the Lifesize Cloud Enterprise plan enables all your employees to connect, communicate and collaborate in an instant, with the most professional and highest quality tools available today.

The service also provides the Lifesize Extreme Support service, for 24/7 assistance for your teams, alongside onboarding training to ensure everyone can get the most out of your solution. Your administrators gain access to tools for statistics and reporting, so your business can recognise the benefits, understand usage, and improve ROI.

Cloud Enterprise paired with Icon Systems

The Lifesize Cloud has been designed to perfectly pair with the Lifesize Icon series systems, which provide HD standards-based Video Conferencing from the meeting room. Whether within the huddle room & small meeting space – with the Lifesize Icon 400 or Icon 450 – the mid-sized meeting room & conference space – with the Lifesize Icon 600 – or the large boardrooms, auditoriums and lecture theatre – with the Lifesize Icon 800 – your teams can collaborate freely with everyone, with all the great features of the Cloud accessible straight from your endpoint. 

Lifesize Icon 600 Video Conferencing system with dual screens, camera and mic/phone options

Lifesize Cloud and Lifesize Icons – the perfect match.

The Benefits of Cloud Enterprise

By having everyone in your organisation enabled with Lifesize Cloud Enterprise, everyone can communicate with everyone, wherever they are located, on whatever device they choose. The more people that can be connected to, the more people will connect, and productivity grows exponentially – it’s called “The Network Effect”.

With every employee within the shared directory, they can be called by name from anywhere – at the desktop or laptop, from a mobile device or in the meeting room. Everyone is accessible, and your team can send a quick chat message, escalate to a one-to-one call, then invite more people as necessary straight into your discussion (up to 50 people in one call!). It’s quick, easy-to-use and intuitive – your teams don’t need to worry about the technology at hand, they can just get on with the call, share what’s needed whenever they need to, and everyone can be heard and seen in full HD quality. 

Lifesize Cloud Dashboard

Lifesize Cloud Dashboard for statistics and usage

The Lifesize Cloud Enterprise Support, Training, Onboarding & Dashboard

The Lifesize Cloud Enterprise isn’t just a single service – it also provides you with training and access to the Lifesize Community, online support 24/7 and onboarding sessions for your administrators, so that everyone can be comfortable with how and what to use, your administrators can recognise ROI, and the service can assist in reaching your business goals through saved travel, improved productivity and efficiency, better communications between remote teams and lower costs of communication. Find out more about the importance of statistics >>

Included – Cloud Amplify for Recording

For finance, banking, legal team or HR, the benefits of Cloud Amplify are fantastic too – record your call at the click on a button from any device, and the video, audio and presentations are automatically saved to your own on-demand video library. Those involved in the meeting can watch, share and manage the meeting, HR can share training sessions company wide, corporate announcements can be re-watched and shared across the organisation, and conferences can be stored for audit purposes and security.

Lifesize Cloud Amplify Video Library

Lifesize Cloud Amplify – a corporate “YouTube” for recording, storing & sharing your conferences

What are all the Features I get with Cloud Enterprise?

  • Group Video Calling – up to 50 way meetings
  • Unlimited Lifesize HD camera systems paired to Lifesize Cloud (As many Icon’s as you want!)
  • Unlimited Virtual Meeting Rooms – everyone can set up their own team rooms, client rooms and project rooms, perfect for scheduled sessions
  • Skype for Business Interoperability – bring Skype for Business users into the meeting!
  • Lifesize Cloud Amplify – 10 hours per account included
  • Calendaring for paired Lifesize Icon room systems
  • One-to-one and group calls
  • Instant & scheduled meetings
  • Unlimited minutes, audio and guest calling
  • Directory based calling – from the desktop, and from the intuitive touch Phone HD in the meeting room!
  • Screen sharing – for simple sharing of presentations and data from any device
  • One-to-one chat/instant messaging and group chat within the Virtual Meeting Room
  • Mobile applications for Apple, Android, and WebRTC for calling from a browser
  • Presence status – see when people are online, available or busy

More information?

You can start a trial of the Lifesize Cloud today with all the features and functionality of the Lifesize Cloud Enterprise, for free, for 14 days. VideoCentric can also provide you with Lifesize Icon systems to try out in your meeting space for the duration of your trial (get in touch before starting your trial if you’d like to do this so we can arrange delivery!). You may also be interested in:

Why VideoCentric?

Independent, Accredited, Experienced, Unbiased.

VideoCentric are a Gold Lifesize Partner – the highest possible accreditation level with LifeSize – and are only 1 of 2 partners in the whole UK to hold this expert level of accreditation. 

Lifesize Gold Partner - Experts in Video Conferencing

Both our Sales and Technical teams are trained at Expert level, and our extensive experience and knowledge of LifeSize Endpoints and Infrastructure has enabled us to provide support for a single system through to some of the most intricate and unusual video infrastructure set ups and integrations. VideoCentric also have a dedicated Lifesize Cloud specialist, holding Lifesize Cloud certification and training within the use, management and administration of the Lifesize Cloud service.

VideoCentric are the UK’s most experienced integrator and are experts in both hardware and cloud services. VideoCentric are fully accredited with all the worlds’ leading manufacturers and is independent, enabling unbiased solutions to be tailored to your business, depending on your requirements. VideoCentric offer an in-house maintenance and support package, managed and run by the UK’s most experienced technical team.

VideoCentric also boasts the UK’s most comprehensive demonstration and interoperability suites to ensure full interoperability for all VideoCloud solutions.

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Lifesize Cloud Amplify recording multipoint call