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Lifesize & Lifesize UK Expert Gold Partner VideoCentric, brings you the award-winning 4K Lifesize Cloud solution for wherever, whenever collaboration.

Enable your teams to work smarter and drive greater communication across your workforce with simple, affordable and professional video conferencing in the cloud. Instantly call anyone you need to speak with, on whatever device you choose, and have a real-life video conference with your whole team through the click of one button.

The Lifesize Cloud delivers an end-to-end cloud-based video conferencing that’s as easy, as lifelike and as remarkable as meeting in person. 

  • Radically simplified cloud video service
  • Pairs perfectly with the Lifesize Icon meeting room systems for the highest quality video conferencing
  • Lets people initiate instant video calls or schedule virtual meetings
  • Ensures complete hassle-free management of a world-class video solution
  • Audio only & web conferencing modes
  • Provides a free app for the latest iOS & Android devices
  • Microsoft Teams/Skype for Business/Microsoft Lync integration
  • Lifesize Record and Share – for recording and Streaming
  • Lifesize Cloud Web App – for calling via a browser


No other cloud-based video conferencing solution makes the collaboration experience experience so easy, accessible and frustration free for up to 300 video participants per call. And when you consider that each participant can be either an individual or an entire conference room full of people, you can see the new possibilities of the Lifesize connected experience. 


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Lifesize offers a complete connected experience across your organisation with the Lifesize Cloud paired together with Lifesize Icon Video Conferencing systems in the meeting room. By combining both hardware and software, you get the ultimate combination of unmatched simplicity, quality video, crystal clear audio and collaborative content, and you can meet with anyone, anywhere, just like you’re in the same conference room.

LifeSize ICON with lady in green top on screen. Displayed with LifeSize camera, micpod, icon codec and remote control.

Lifesize Cloud comes preloaded on every Lifesize Icon room video system and even better, all of your devices, including your laptops, tablets, and smartphones, will update automatically whenever new features and functionality are released (every 3 weeks!), ensuring you’ll always have the latest features to enjoy.

The Lifesize Cloud is available in four flavours:

The previous Lifesize Cloud Enterprise, Premium and Core subscriptions, and the discovery plan, are no longer available to buy. Please get in touch to discuss how this may affect your current subscription, or to find out features and pricing of the new Lifesize Cloud packages.

Lifesize cloud showing on Lifesize icon, laptop, tablet and phone

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Lifesize Cloud works like you do.

Lifesize Cloud is designed for wherever, whenever collaboration. Click to call anyone you need to speak with or have a real-life video conference with your whole team just by clicking one button—instantly.

Dial anyone by name.

Say farewell to dial-in numbers, access codes and video PINs. Simply dial people with a click of their names, and they can join your video conference on any device.

Installs faster than setting up a new TV.

With a Lifesize Icon video endpoint connected to Lifesize Cloud, your complete video conferencing system will be up and running in moments, not months.

Everything works automatically.

Just power up, connect your Lifesize solution and see everything sync automatically. Your company directory populates once users are added. No more wasting time and momentum fighting with the meeting interface.

Unify people and conference rooms instantly.

Unlike web conferencing and other cloud-based video conferencing services that require reserving a virtual “room,” Lifesize lets you meet whenever you want—even at a moment’s notice. No access codes, meeting invitations or room reservations needed.

Add people midmeeting with just a single click.

Lifesize Cloud is designed around a simplified user experience, like adding a new person midmeeting. Click the user’s name, and they’re in.

Experience the most intuitive interface out there.

Lifesize Cloud does everything right. Include up to 25 participants per meeting and enlarge the screen based on who is talking. Easily share documents. Use integrated chat. Ring all your connected devices at once. Get automatic software updates–and more.

No IT support necessary.

With Lifesize, everything is plug and play, even firewall traversal, business-class security and data encryption. Gone are the days of needing a system administrator to support every video call. We’ve built everything into Lifesize Cloud.

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Independent, Accredited, Experienced, Unbiased.

VideoCentric are the UK’s #1 Gold Video Conferencing partner of Lifesize.

Lifesize Gold Partner - Experts in Lifesize Video Conferencing and Lifesize Cloud

Our renewal rate of over 90% – customers who renew their Cloud & support services with us year on year – has been stated as “world-class” by Lifesize themselves, recognising our ability to deliver the right solutions that help you reach your business goals, and providing long term expert support that continues to deliver and prove its value, year on year.  

“20 years in IT, and I have to say that working with VideoCentric, this is definitely one of the best and most simple rollouts i’ve ever been involved in”

– Global Head of IT, International Supply Chain Management Company

VideoCentric are the UK’s most experienced integrator and are experts in both hardware and cloud services, and have been awarded status of “Cloud Master”, the only partner in the UK to reach this status. VideoCentric are fully accredited with all the worlds’ leading manufacturers and is independent, enabling unbiased solutions to be tailored to your business, depending on your requirements. VideoCentric offer an in-house maintenance and support package, managed and run by the UK’s most experienced technical team.

Both our Sales and Technical teams are trained at Expert level, and our extensive experience and knowledge of LifeSize Endpoints and Infrastructure has enabled us to provide support for a single system through to some of the most intricate and unusual video infrastructure set ups and integrations.

VideoCentric also boasts the UK’s most comprehensive demonstration and interoperability suites to ensure full interoperability for all VideoCloud solutions.

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