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Lifesize Icon 450

Lifesize Icon 450 on blue background - VideoCentric

The Lifesize Icon 450 is a small but mighty Video Conferencing system for superb communications in the huddle room and small meeting space for up to 6 people.

This simple, scalable, plug-and-play conference room system with seamless integration into the Lifesize Cloud provides you with the most powerful and easy-to-use Video Conferencing that is perfectly designed for small meeting spaces, with integrated web, audio and video and programmable touchscreen control that allows you to focus on your meeting and collaborate with your team as if everyone were there in the same room.

Designed for the Huddle Room

The Lifesize Icon 450 is designed to bring the power of professional Video Conferencing to the huddle room. With a smart-framing sensor that adjusts automatically to ensure everyone is visible, and an exceptionally sharp wide-angle lens to provide an expanded field of view, everyone is captured in crystal clear quality, whilst providing all the features and functionality that you need to get collaborative work done from your small meeting rooms.

Touchscreen Control with the Lifesize Phone HD

The Lifesize Icon 450 combines seamlessly with the Lifesize Phone HD, making a complete video collaboration solution for the huddle space, that’s simple to use and control. With the Lifesize Phone HD, you get superior audio quality for your conferences, whether Video Conferencing or audio conferencing, so there’s no need for a separate audio device for audio only meetings. It’s tidier, smarter and less complex for everyone involved.

Lifesize Phone HD with Touchscreen

The Lifesize Phone HD with programmable touch screen display

The Phone HD is now programmable too, meaning all of the functions you need are accessible straight from the phone, whether launching calls, sharing content, adding new participants, viewing the meeting calendar, recording conferences and more. 

Paired with the Lifesize Cloud

Utilise the power of the Lifesize Cloud service with simple pairing between the Icon 450 and the Cloud. No need for complex, expensive solutions for to enable you to access all the features of professional Video Collaboration – simply utilise the features on the Cloud and connect from anywhere, on any device, straight into your meeting room.

Simply make one-to-one calls that can escalate immediately to a group call by clicking on a name in your directory from your Touchphone, with calendar integration and unlimited audio calls with users and guest call in numbers from over 60 countries worldwide. Add on the Lifesize Record and Share solution to provide a one-touch-to-record function, enabling storing and sharing of your meeting to any number of viewers. 

Lifesize Cloud Amplify Video Library

The Lifesize Cloud Record and Share video library – an on-demand corporate “YouTube” for management and sharing of recorded conferences

The Lifesize Cloud provides the backbone of the conference, including the video network management and secure NAT/firewall traversal, to ensure video works, well and securely. Plus, your admin console gives you the control needed to quickly and easily administer your company wide Lifesize account, with access to call usage and minutes, alongside most used systems and desktops. Great for ROI monitoring and ensuring everyone is happy with the solution in place.

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Features of the Icon 450

The new Icon 450 is designed for seamless operation with Lifesize Cloud and Lifesize Phone HD. You get a tightly integrated cloud-based audio, web and video conferencing service, programmable touchscreen control and exceptional audio and video quality for the huddle room.

  • HD 1080p30/720p60 video for ultimate clarity and fluid motion
  • 1080p screen sharing
  • Smart Framing sensor to automatically adjust camera to optimal position
  • Includes the Icon 450 codec, embedded camera, Phone HD and cables.

Lifesize Icon 450 with Touch Phone HD and 4 way multipointThe Lifesize Icon 450 with Touch Phone HD in a Lifesize Cloud multipoint conference

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Lifesize Icon 450 on blue background - VideoCentric
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