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Lifesize Icon 500

Lifesize Icon 500 Integrated 4K Video Conferencing System

The new Lifesize Icon 500 provides 4K video and content, transported end-to-end via the Lifesize 4K cloud, and designed for medium sized meeting rooms. 

  • Sends and receives 4K video 
  • Sends and receives 4K content
  • Supports dual displays
  • Integrated 5x zoom camera
  • Control via the Lifesize Phone HD

Designed to make meetings easy with cloud-connectivity straight into the Lifesize Cloud platform, the new Icon 500 provides all the features needed for professional collaboration in your mid-sized meeting rooms.

Tailored for Today’s Meeting Spaces

With a flexible design with dual-display capability, integrated 5x zoom, and a wide field-of-view to bring everyone into the picture, the Icon 500 has taken all the years of experience of developing the Video Conferencing systems for meeting spaces and put it into a intuitive and extraordinary 4K solution. Alongside the quality audio and control from the Lifesize Phone HD, everyone can be seen, and heard, easily in the room. 

Lifesize Icon 500 4K system in meeting room with single screen in Video Conference

Built for Exceptional Communications

The Icon 500 enables stunning 4K full-motion content sharing, perfect for organisations where quality of content is key. Architects, designers, manufacturers, product developers, healthcare teams  and researchers will see the huge difference of quality when working with remote teams, meaning more detail can be seen and more accurate decisions can be made.

And with seamless integration with the Lifesize service, everyone gets access to the whole host of great communication features available for professional collaboration and management.


Why VideoCentric?

Independent, Accredited, Experienced, Unbiased.

VideoCentric are the UK’s leading Gold Video Conferencing partner of Lifesize. Our renewal rate – customers who renew their Cloud & support services with us – has been stated as “world-class” by Lifesize themselves, recognising our ability to deliver the right solutions that help you reach your business goals, and providing long term expert support that continues to deliver and prove its value, year on year.  

VideoCentric are the UK’s most experienced integrator and are experts in both hardware and cloud services, and have been awarded status of “Cloud Master”, the only partner in the UK to reach this status. VideoCentric are fully accredited with all the worlds’ leading manufacturers and is independent, enabling unbiased solutions to be tailored to your business, depending on your requirements. VideoCentric offer an in-house maintenance and support package, managed and run by the UK’s most experienced technical team.

Lifesize Gold Partner - Experts in Lifesize Video Conferencing and Lifesize Cloud

Both our Sales and Technical teams are trained at Expert level, and our extensive experience and knowledge of LifeSize Endpoints and Infrastructure has enabled us to provide support for a single system through to some of the most intricate and unusual video infrastructure set ups and integrations.

VideoCentric also boasts the UK’s most comprehensive demonstration and interoperability suites to ensure full interoperability for all VideoCloud solutions.

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Lifesize Icon 500 Integrated 4K Video Conferencing System
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