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LifeSize Icon 800

LifeSize Icon 800

The LifeSize Icon 800 Video Conferencing system delivers an incredibly high quality video communication solution for auditoriums, theatres, boardrooms and large meeting spaces.

Designed for integration into workspaces and rooms that require a high quality and bespoke solution, the LifeSize Icon is a feature rich video conferencing system, designed to radically simplify video conferencing with its intuitive user interface, six button remote and touchscreen LifeSize phone, whilst offering support for up to 2 HD displays. It provides a whole host of connectivity and integration options to enable a flexible and immersive setup with your external devices of choice.

  • 4 x HD video inputs, 2 x HD video outputs
  • 7 x audio inputs, 4 x audio outputs
  • 2 x USB 3.0 data inputs
  • Up to 1080p60 video resolution
  • Up to 1080p presentation quality & sharing
  • Secure connectors for mounting in server rack

Seamless Call Escalation

Accept requests to join your call or add others via your directory with one simple click of your remote. Turn point-to-point calls into multiparty calls easily and quickly.

Streamline User Interface

Intuitive user interface on the LifeSize Icon 800. Meeting directory, unified user interface during multiparty calls, unified directory, name based dialing, search and favourites. The Icon 800 has features that are simple, useful and intuitive. 

Simplified Input Selection 

Users can easily choose the video input for both primary and secondary streams with the remote control or through the Lifesize Phone touchscreen display. Audio sources are automatically heard at each end when the user pushes play eliminating the need to call support when the audio source doesn’t match the video input.

Remote Control

The LifeSize Icon 800 uses the new LifeSize remote control – a sleek design with just 6 buttons for quick and easy navigation by any users.


Lifesize Icon 800 delivers the ultimate communication experience to auditoriums and other large meeting spaces. Designed to radically simplify video conferencing with its intuitive “heads up” UI, six-button remote and touchscreen Lifesize® Phone, the Lifesize Icon 800 can connect directly with the Lifesize Cloud, the Lifesize UVC Infrastructure or any standards-based services & solutions. 


Independent, Accredited, Experienced, Unbiased.

VideoCentric are the UK’s most experienced integrator and are experts in both hardware and cloud services. VideoCentric are fully accredited with all the worlds’ leading manufacturers and is independent, enabling unbiased solutions to be tailored to your business, depending on your requirements. VideoCentric offer an in-house maintenance and support package, managed and run by the UK’s most experienced technical team.

Lifesize Gold Partner - Experts in Video Conferencing

VideoCentric hold the highest possible accreditation level with LifeSize, and are only 1 of 2 partners in the UK to hold this expert level of accreditation. VideoCentric have developed a strong relationship with both LifeSize as a company and individuals within it, since it was founded in 2003.

Both our Sales and Technical teams are trained at Expert level, and our extensive experience and knowledge of LifeSize Endpoints and Infrastructure has enabled us to provide support for a single system through to some of the most intricate and unusual video infrastructure set ups and integrations.

VideoCentric also boasts the UK’s most comprehensive demonstration and interoperability suites to ensure full interoperability for all VideoCloud solutions.

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LifeSize Icon 800
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