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LifeSize Icon Series

LifeSize ICON with lady in green top on screen. Displayed with LifeSize camera, micpod, icon codec and remote control.

The LifeSize Icon Series is designed around around your experience – frustration free, HD 1080p video conferencing powered by the LifeSize Cloud – to accelerate effective, face-to-face business discussions with your customers, partners, suppliers and colleagues. See the Lifesize Icon 400 and Icon 450 for Small Meeting Rooms, Lifesize Icon 600 and the new Lifesize Icon 800 Integrator Codec here.

LifeSize Icon video conferencing systems are designed for simplicity. Setup takes minutes, and starting a video call takes seconds. You will quickly discover that making and receiving video calls is as easy as using your smartphone. And we think you will find yourself preferring video over voice. And when paired with the Lifesize Cloud, the Icon Video Conferencing systems are the most powerful and easy-to-use video endpoints on the market today.

The Lifesize Icon Series consists of:

  • Lifesize Icon 400 and Lifesize Icon 450
    Designed to bring the power of professional Video Conferencing to your small meeting spaces and huddle rooms: See comparison here >>
  • Lifesize Icon 600
    Ideal for your meeting rooms, conference rooms and collaboration spaces with support for multiple displays, cameras & microphones
  • Lifesize Icon 800
    Ideal for large meeting spaces and those requiring integration with multiple devices, such as cameras, audio systems, microscopes & display solutions
  • Lifesize Icon Flex
    Ideal for bringing the highest quality video conferencing to any collaboration application on your laptop or desktop, including Skype for Business

LifeSize Icon provides a powerful and personal form of communication that is second to none—eye-to-eye interaction that propels productivity and stronger connected relationships. LifeSize Icon gets the technology out of the way so your users can get down to business. Paired with the Lifesize Cloud, you get access to:

  • 1080p video, data and audio
  • Directory based calling – names not numbers!
  • Virtual Meeting Rooms for group calling
  • Group chat & Instant Messaging
  • Mobile & tablet calls from your meeting room


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The Lifesize Icon is a perfect match to the new Lifesize Cloud. We can also provide Lifesize Icon’s for trial too – give us a call and let us help you get started!


The LifeSize Icon Series is a line of video systems designed around your experience. Accelerate effective, face-to-face business discussions with your customers, partners, suppliers and colleagues. Access the powerful video applications in the Lifesize Cloud through the radically simplified user experience of the LifeSize Icon Series. Representing the culmination of years of innovation and purposeful design, the LifeSize Icon Series delivers the smart video™ experience—frustration-free video conferencing at an unbeatable value so you can focus on what matters the most—your business.

 LifeSize Icon showing scheduling of weekly meetings

Above: LifeSize Icon Series with new simplified User Interface for frustration free video conferencing


LifeSize Icon systems are designed for a radically simplified user experience. Always know your schedule of video calls. Get helpful reminders if you’re running late for a video conference. Easily find and join conference calls with many people. Quickly search for and find business contacts to collaborate with over video. Record and stream important discussions. All these capabilities and more are easily available to you via the new user experience. And if you need more capabilities down the road, simply contact your IT support team to enable the features and applications you need. We have designed the LifeSize Icon Series for maximum simplicity, flexibility and value.


Lifesize delivers extraordinary price to performance leadership in the LifeSize Icon Series. The Lifesize Icon & Cloud solution has been designed to adapt to the changing needs of businesses today – whether you’d like to expand your environment with multiple displays, upgrade your performance or add new functionality, the Lifesize Icon Series offers investment protection to future-proof your growing business.


LifeSize Icon in meeting room with dual screens and persons sat around near and far end tables.

Above: LifeSize Icon 600 with Dual Display in meeting room facility


Enjoy the most advanced, highest performing HD video conferencing experience available. HD 1080p60 video support provides ultimate clarity and fluid motion, while the 1080p presentation capability showcases unmatched detail for promoting collaboration.


VideoCentric are accredited and fully trained with LifeSize to the highest level, one of only 2 expert partners in the UK. VideoCentric are also the UK’s only Lifesize Cloud Master partner. VideoCentric have worked with LifeSize since it was founded in 2003, alongside relationships & accreditations with all the world’s leading video conferencing and collaboration integrators. VideoCentric can and do take an unbiased approach when recommending and designing solutions for customers, ensuring the solution is right for you.

Lifesize Gold Partner - Experts in Video Conferencing UK

VideoCentric have every Lifesize endpoint, including the Icon 400, Icon 450, Icon 600, Icon 800, Room, Team, Express and Unity endpoints for demonstration in their HQ, alongside the Lifesize Cloud, and full Lifesize UVC Platform (now end-of-life), which can be compared against Cisco, Polycom, Avaya and Vidyo solutions. VideoCentric can also demonstrate all of these solutions, and more, at your site and remotely – one of the only UK integrators to be able to provide a full demonstration service of over 40 video conferencing systems nationwide.


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LifeSize ICON with lady in green top on screen. Displayed with LifeSize camera, micpod, icon codec and remote control.
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