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Lifesize Share

Lifesize Share

The new Lifesize Share eliminates clutter and provides wireless sharing for your media and presentations. With Lifesize Share, all you need is your browser and you’re ready to go, and that includes guests, too.
No wires, no dongles, the Lifesize Share provides truly wireless sharing. 
Lifesize Share is available now and can be sent out to you for a trial, for free, by VideoCentric, Lifesize’s #1 UK Gold Partner.  
Passing dongles and cables between meeting presenters is now a thing of the past. Share what is on your PC or laptop, or stream online videos into your cloud meeting or directly onto your meeting room display. It’s a simple way to quickly add wireless capabilities to conferencing rooms and training spaces throughout your organisation. Use it standalone, or connect it with your Lifesize Icon video conferencing systems or other 3rd party devices.
  • Present from any laptop
  • Use any room display
  • Directly connect to any video conferencing system
  • Quickly change presenters without complexity
  • Guests can easily connect and share without special software downloads
  • Ultrasonic pairing for simple and secure room connection
  • Share your screen — presentations, documents and more
  • Share online media — video and audio — without compromising quality
  • Easy setup allows for quick deployment throughout your offices
  • Automatic software updates
  • Account management for control of all of the
  • Lifesize Share devices on your network
  • Digital Signage

How does Lifesize Share work?

To use the Lifesize Share for wireless media sharing, a presenter simply visits the customised URL via a web browser and selects the particular room.

The Lifesize Share takes care of the rest, automatically detecting the computer with ultrasound waves and allows the presenter to show the entire screen or a particular app, document or file, or easily stream audio and video to the meeting room display.

Find out more about Lifesize Share

Take a look at our news and blog pages for the most recent news on the Lifesize Share and the new features and functionality being added to enhance your meeting spaces. Digital Signage, Whiteboarding and One-touch meetings and just a few of the great new enhancements being added in the coming months. 

Find out more about Lifesize Share capabilities and availability or other wireless data sharing solutions available by chatting with our team today on 0118 9798910. 


Why VideoCentric?

Independent, Accredited, Experienced, Unbiased.

VideoCentric are the UK’s #1 Gold Video Conferencing partner of Lifesize.

Lifesize Gold Partner - Experts in Lifesize Video Conferencing and Lifesize Cloud

Our renewal rate of over 90% – customers who renew their Cloud & support services with us year on year – has been stated as “world-class” by Lifesize themselves, recognising our ability to deliver the right solutions that help you reach your business goals, and providing long term expert support that continues to deliver and prove its value, year on year.  

“20 years in IT, and I have to say that working with VideoCentric, this is definitely one of the best and most simple rollouts i’ve ever been involved in”

– Global Head of IT, International Supply Chain Management Company

VideoCentric are the UK’s most experienced integrator and are experts in both hardware and cloud services, and have been awarded status of “Cloud Master”, the only partner in the UK to reach this status. VideoCentric are fully accredited with all the worlds’ leading manufacturers and is independent, enabling unbiased solutions to be tailored to your business, depending on your requirements. VideoCentric offer an in-house maintenance and support package, managed and run by the UK’s most experienced technical team.


Both our Sales and Technical teams are trained at Expert level, and our extensive experience and knowledge of LifeSize Endpoints and Infrastructure has enabled us to provide support for a single system through to some of the most intricate and unusual video infrastructure set ups and integrations.

VideoCentric also boasts the UK’s most comprehensive demonstration and interoperability suites to ensure full interoperability for all VideoCloud solutions.

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