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LifeSize Unity 2000

The Lifesize Unity 2000 is now End Of Life. VideoCentric have a number of all-in-one Lifesize based solutions – the LS Series. Please contact VideoCentric today to find out more.

LifeSize Unity 2000, part of the LifeSize Unity Series, is an optimized, integrated dual screen video collaboration solution with a clever, all-in-one design for simple setup and ease of use. It accelerates global deployment of the highest quality HD video collaboration capabilities and is ideal for large meeting rooms and boardrooms.

  • Full HD 1920×1080 30fps
  • Dual 1080p 55″ HD high contrast LED
  • HD Camera: 1080p, 10x zoom
  • HD Audio
  • Easy Setup – no tools required
  • Data sharing


Connect with Clients, Partners and Vendors

Built with best-in-class HD video, audio and presentation capabilities, LifeSize Unity 2000 helps you create stronger relationships with clients, partners and vendors.

Rapid Deployment by Anyone

LifeSize Unity 2000 can be completely set up by the end user with no tools.

Easy to Use

LifeSize Unity 2000 is an automated turnkey solution for video communication and presentation. It’s always ready—just start collaborating.

Simple to Order, Providing Global Consistency

LifeSize Unity 2000 is a completely integrated solution for optimum performance, all available to globally order in one SKU. Lowest

Total Cost of Ownership

LifeSize Unity 2000 is a fully integrated HD video, audio and presentation solution with minimal IT or facilities installation and maintenance required. It provides high investment protection because the solution can be easily redeployed to fit a new location. Businesses strive to improve collaboration and maximize productivity through real-time communication. LifeSize Unity 2000 provides an integrated and optimized HD video collaboration solution created with state-of-the-art components at the lowest total cost of ownership.



System Components

All-in-one optimized solution:
• Codec
• Camera
• Phone
• HD display x 2
• Core processor
• Active loudspeakers x 2
• Stand with base
• Cables

High Definition Display (1)

Professional, high-contrast, edge-lit LED with
a wider color spectrum, providing more accurate
color rendering, high-contrast images and,
with the broadcast quality HD video scaler, the sharpest images and graphics
• Diagonal screen size: 2 x 55”
• Display type: Edge-lit LED
• Maximum resolution: 1920x1080p
• Contrast ratio: 5000:1
• Display refresh rate: 120 Hz
• Interfaces:
• Power 24V DC
• Control
• VGA in
• HDMI in
• DVI-D in

Speakers (2)

Compact, high quality, two-way, bi-amplified Genelec
loudspeaker with dynamic frequency response
optimization and limiting, providing ultra smooth
audio reproduction
• Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE)
Core Processor

All electronic functionality is managed through the core
processor. This provides power for all elements in both
120V and 240V regions. Control management automates
active input, sleep mode and power on/off, allowing
users to simply walk in, plug in, press the remote and
start their meeting.
• Sync pulse detection
• Integrated control
• Interfaces:
• Power—speaker 110V or 220V
• Control—display one
• VGA out—display one
• Power 24V DC—display one
• Power 19V DC—camera
• VGA in—codec
• Power 19V DC—codec
• USB—codec
• Ethernet—codec
• VGA in—laptop

Core processor display one outputs must connect to
primary video display (2 outputs).
Core processor display two outputs must connect to
secondary video display for presentation (3 outputs).


LifeSize Unity 2000 is configured with the following
LifeSize products:
• LifeSize Express 220—10x—Phone
• LifeSize Room 220—10x—Phone


Height: 163.6 cm (64.4”)
Width: 257.3 cm (101.3”)
Depth: 70 cm (27.6”)
Packed weight: 345 kg (761 lbs)

Environmental Data

Operating temperature: 0oC (32oF) to 40oC (104oF)
Operating humidity: 15% to 85%, noncondensing
Storage temperature: –20oC (–4oF) to 60oC (140oF)
Storage humidity: 10% to 90%, noncondensing
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