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LifeSize UVC Multipoint

Note: The Lifesize UVC Platform has now been made end-of-life.  Lifesize no longer provide an on-premise Video Conferencing Infrastructure solution, and recommend organisations to move to the Lifesize Cloud. To discuss your options, find out more about the industry trend of Cloud, or to find other on-premise solutions that may meet your requirements, please contact our team today.


The LifeSize UVC Multipoint – the first fully virtualized, standards-based multi party video conferencing solution. The LifeSize UVC Multipoint has been designed with flexibility in mind and extends on-demand, continuous-presence multiparty video calling across your entire workforce.

Interoperable with any standards based video conferencing system and optimised to enable video meetings across any device—room systems, laptops, tablets or smartphones – the LifeSize UVC Multipoint is designed to meet the demands of “bring your own device” (BYOD).

  • Flexible port capacity
  • Optimised for mobile environments
  • Up to 720p HD resolution
  • Up to 60 participants in single meeting
  • Up to 16 participants displayed on screen
  • Supports standards based video systems


 In today’s fast-paced world, organisations are under continuous pressure to enable connectivity for everyone on all types of devices. The LifeSize UVC Multipoint, on the LifeSize UVC Platform, is the first full virtualised, standards based multiparty video conferencing solution for on demand meetings, designed for ultimate flexibility and optimized for the mobile workforce. UVC Multipoint is flexibly licensed and has flexible ports that expand as resolution decreases – 720p, 480p and 360p.

Whether a user connects from their smartphone, tablet, PC or room-based video conferencing system, UVC Multipoint is simple to use and easy to administer. When installed with LifeSize ClearSea 3.1, point-to-point calls can be seamlessly escalated into multiway calls hosted on the UVC Multipoint. Best of all, UVC Multipoint is flexibly licensed, so administrators can increase capacity one port at a time, as and when required.

Uniquely suited for Mobile Environments

As the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement explodes across the world, LifeSize provides a multiparty video calling solution uniquely suited for mobile, low-bandwidth environments— video-enabled laptops, tablets and smartphones. Thanks to the integration with LifeSize® ClearSea™, UVC Multipoint lets you seamlessly invite new participants into your ClearSea call. Similarly, point to point conversation can be escalated to a multiway call on both the UVC Multipoint or the LifeSize Bridge 2200. This built-in escalation provides click-and-call simplicity without complex dialing strings.

LifeSize UVC Platform

LifeSize UVC Multipoint is part of the LifeSize UVC Platform. Available as virtual machine software or a hardware appliance, the UVC Platform enables immediate deployment of LifeSize UVC Multipoint with an easy try-before-you-buy option.


Flexible Deployment

Available as LifeSize UVC Virtual machine software or on LifeSize UVC Hardware appliance

Flexible Port Capacity (flex ports)

Expand port capacity based on resolution of the participants’ laptops, tablets and smartphones

Flexible Licencing

Add 1 flex port at a time

Multiparty Video Calling Wherever You Go

Uniquely suited for mobile environments but also works with room based systems


Supports standards based video conferencing from LifeSize and third party vendors


System Components
Available as
• LifeSize UVC Platform virtual machine software
• Rack-mountable LifeSize® UVC 1100 hardware
• Rack-mountable LifeSize® UVC 3300 hardware
Delivered via LifeSize UVC Platform
Based on security-hardened Linux OS

Communication Protocols & Video Standards
H.323, SIP, H.320 (ISDN) via LifeSize® Networker™
through a gatekeeper
H.264, H.263

Flexible Capacity and Licensing
Ability to increase capacity 1 flex port at a time
1 flex port yields 1 HD 720p, 2 480p or 4 360p ports
720p calls, 1 video/audio + 3 audio-only participants
480p calls, 2 video/audio + 2 audio-only participants
360p calls, 4 video/audio participants

Video Performance
Two transcoders per 720p, 480p and 360p conference
• Conferences set at 720p: 1 encoder above 400
Kbps, 1 below 400 Kbps
• Conferences set at 480p & 360p: 1 encoder above
128 Kbps, 1 below 128 Kbps
Video bandwidth: 128 Kbps to 1152 Kbps per port
Video resolutions supported: 720p, 480p, 360p all at 30
frames per second
128 Kbps (432x240)
384 Kbps (832x464)
512 Kbps (912x512)
768 Kbps (1280x720)
896 Kbps (1280x720)

Audio Standards & Performance
AAC-LC, G.722.1c 48 Kbps, 32 Kbps, 24 Kbps (Siren
14), G.722.1 32 Kbps, 24 Kbps (Siren 7), G.722, G.711
(?-law), G.711 (A-law)
DTMF tone detection (in-band and RFC2833)
Wideband audio mixing
Automatic background speaker volume reduction

Presentation Standards & Protocols
H.264, H.263, H.263+, H.261
H.239, SIP dual video (LifeSize only)
Data sharing supports standard video system resolutions
without affecting port capacity

Audio Virtual Operator
Guides participants through conference selection
Prompts audio and video participants for conference ID
and PIN

12 continuous-presence layouts, voice-activated switching
(VAS) occupying up to 4 main windows
Up to 16 participants on screen
Automatic speaker placement into prominent window
Conference Support
Direct dial-in via H.323 or SIP
Automatic call escalation from LIfeSize® ClearSea™
(version 3.1 or higher), sold separately
Conference registration to gatekeepers and SIP PBX’s
Up to 120 customized on-demand virtual meeting rooms
set at 720p, 480p or 360p
Maximum of 60 participants in a single meeting

System Management
Web-based configuration page within UVC dashboard
REST management API for third-party management
Multilingual web user interface (9 languages)
Live conference management with conference level
controls for:
• Audio mute/unmute (entire conference or
• Layout selection
• Adding participants via outbound dialing
• Termination (entire conference or single participant)
• Individual statistics reporting

PIN-protected conferences
H.235 AES and SRTP/TLS encryption
HTTPS secure management

Quality of Service
QoS support with Diffserve and TOS/IP Precedence

Syslog for diagnostics with control over audio,
communications, database, license manager, system
administration, system information, system status,
timer, user interface and video verbosity
Call detail records

Infrastructure Support
External gatekeeper and SIP PBX conference
NAT/firewall traversal via LifeSize® Transit™ Client/Server
NTP (Network Time Protocol) support
LifeSize Networker support via gatekeeper

UVC Virtual Machine, Capacity, Hardware
Configuration, Storage and Environmental
Please refer to the LifeSize UVC Platform datasheet for
UVC virtual machine, hardware configuration, storage
and environmental data

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