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Phoenix Condor

The Phoenix Condor is a professional all-in-one multi-microphone array to provide your meeting rooms with the highest quality audio integrated into a sleek designed soundbar style device. 

50 inches wide and designed for a pickup range of up to thirty feet, the Phoenix Condor features a built in SIP phone and sits above or below your flat panel display to elegantly feature at the front of your conference space. With a dedicated application enabling you to control the audio device straight from your smart device, the Condor eliminates cumbersome devices and wires from the boardroom table and easily connects to any video conferencing or collaboration device, providing you with a professional quality, sleek looking solution to greatly improve the audio of your internal and virtual meetings.

Crystal Clear Audio Solution

The Condor encompasses Phoenix’s latest audio technologies to provide a high quality, seamless and extremely economical solution for your meeting space. The vast array of audio technologies include:

  • Direction Finding
  • Beamforming microphones
  • Echo & Noise Cancellation
  • Adaptive Gain Control

The Condor can be used with any type of loudspeakers including other soundbars or your displays own internal speakers.

Perfect for Huddle Rooms and Mid-sized Conferencing Spaces

With the growth of huddle rooms and small collaboration spaces, organisations are tasked with finding a solution that is simple, sleek and cost-effective. The Condor has been developed to integrate seamlessly with your small meeting room Video Conferencing solutions so that all of the technology of your collaboration and conferencing solution can be positioned in the same location, and out of the way. 

Phoenix have designed the Condor so that the microphone array can be situated away from the meeting participants whilst still maintaining the high quality audio expected from a professional meeting room solution. 

Perfect addition to your Collaboration Solution

The Phoenix Condor is the perfect solution for rooms equipped with Video Conferencing technology, SMARTBoard’s and touch screen displays, and those using Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business who need to improve the audio of their solution. The Condor is also dubbed to be the perfect accessory for organisations deploying the Microsoft Surface Hub. 

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Phoenix Condor Audio Device for the Meeting Room
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