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Phoenix Stingray

Phoenix Stingray Audio Mixer and Amplifier

The Phoenix Stingray is an all-in-one echo-cancelling mixer and amplifier that serves as a key part within many of VideoCentric solutions in integrated rooms. 

With distributed array technology, zoning capability, beamforming technology and support for large levels of daisy-chained microphones, the Phoenix Stingray offers an exceptional level of quality and features with excellent results when put through VideoCentric’s stringent testing procedures. 

Audio Features

The Phoenix Stingray is an eight channel DSP mixer for installed room applications. The Stingray uses Phoenix’s proprietary echo cancelling, noise suppression, distributed array beamforming, AGC and automatic mixing.

  • Noise Cancelling
    Filters out unwanted noise such as office chatter, air conditioning and traffic
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation
    Prevents the microphone from creating an echo feedback loop, where the microphone picks up the sound transmitted out of the speaker and amplifies it. 
  • Automatic gain control
    Automatically adjusts the sensitivity of the microphone to ensure the speaker can be heard clearly wherever they are in the room. 
  • De-Reverberation
    Improves the pick up in rooms with high levels of reverberation, such as often found within attriums, chambers with marble surfaces, large rooms with glass walls, or any rooms with large areas of hard surface coverage. 
  • Beamforming
    Steers the microphone pickup to only pick up sound from the direction of the speaker whilst cancelling out all other noise from the room

Phoenix are known for their excellent quality of audio, and have been partnering with VideoCentric for over a decade, providing the highest quality audio innovations for a range of meeting spaces and at the desktop. 

The Phoenix Stingray has been added to our professional audio portfolio due to its quality, flexibility and ability to respond rapidly to the evolving trends within the marketplace, whilst being able to integrate easily with a whole host of communication and conferencing technologies from the world’s leading vendors. 

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Phoenix Stingray Audio Mixer and Amplifier
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