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Following from the success of the Poly Trio 8800 & 8500 multi-line conference phones, Poly have recently announced the Trio C60. Designed to complement the X-Series video bars & G7500 codec, the Trio C60 features 4x the power of the 8800/8500 along with DECT, Bluetooth 5 and 2.4-5GHz WIFI with multiple-in multiple-out (MIMO) — a technique for sending and receiving more than one data signal simultaneously to ensure a more reliable meeting experience over Wi-Fi.

As with the 8500 & 8800, the new Trio C60 features support for multi-line open SIP and UC&C services as well as being capable of controlling Microsoft Teams & Zoom Rooms applications on the X-Series.

The Trio C60 also features Noise Block AI, recently released with the X-series which prevents background noise from interfering with conference calls, a very useful feature for home workers and open plan office especially when you consider the Trio C60 microphone range is 20ft in any direction (with support for both wired and wireless DECT expansion microphones coming soon).

Another new feature of the Trio C60 announced by Poly, but not yet in the software, is addition of a micro-hdmi port, allowing direct pass-through of HDMI to the X-Series or G7500. Support for this feature is expected soon as the Trio C60 is based on Android 9 and application developers have full access to the port through the API.

The Poly Trio C60 is available now from VideoCentric.

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