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Polycom OTX (Open Telepresence Experience) Telepresence

The Polycom OTX (Open Telepresence Experience) delivers immersive, true to life collaboration with up to half the bandwidth of comparable systems. The Polycom OTX Immersive Telepresence solution offers stunning high definition video, crisp audio and superb flexibility, with a range of OTX models for different room sizes and number of participants. The Polycom OTX Series transforms team collaboration with transparent technology and a unique design for exceptional quality meetings and visual communications.

  • HD quality, 50% less bandwidth
  • Standards based interoperability
  • Full 1080p video, 1 – 3 screens
  • HD Content on motorised monitors
  • Coversational Stereo
  • Seating capacity: 2 – 6 participants
  • True-to-life dimensions


Experience Stunning HD Visual Communication

To improve collaboration across distance, organizations of all sizes and in all industries are turning to visual communications solutions such as telepresence. Immersive Telepresence solutions such as the Polycom OTX (Polycom Open Telepresence Experience), integrated with existing communication solutions and business processes, is greatly enhancing productivity, enabling teams to collaborate wherever they are.

Improve Collaboration over Distances

Like being in the same room – The Polycom OTX Immersive Telepresence solution enables natural, interactive meeting experiences where you appear to be sitting across the table from one another in true life-like dimensions thanks to exceptional video quality, acoustic spatial audio and content sharing, all in high definition (HD).

Hidden Technology – With the underlying technology integrated and concealed, your meeting attendees can fully focus on interaction and collaboration.

Connects across all environments – As the Polycom OTX Telepresence solution seamlessly connects with all standards based desktop, room and immersive telepresence systems, your organisation can enjoy full support for collaboration tools and native integration directly into leading Unified Communication (UC) and network environments.

Solutions for all

The Polycom OTX Immersive Telepresence solution contains a range of models for diffferent room sizes and number of participants. Choose from one or three screen systems which seat up to 6 participants on video, and either a complete pre made package in pre-set configurations, or models which allow you to select your own furniture and content monitoring options for a customisable, bespoke meeting suite.

The Polycom OTX 300 – The Polycom OTX 300 solution seats up to 6 participants on video, in life-size across three 65 inch LCD displays in stunning HD quality. The Polycom OTX 300 can also seat up to 10 participants in non video meetings, with power and data jacks available for everyone around the table.

The Polycom OTX 100 – The Polycom OTX 100 solution is ideal for smaller meeting rooms or executive officesand seats up to 4 participants on video, with up to 2 in life-size.

The Polycom OTX 100 Compact – The Polycom OTX 100 also comes in “compact” form. The Polycom OTX Compact solution includes the same video wall and core technology as the standard Polycom OTX 100 model but without the table so that customers can select their own furniture to match unique styles, branding and collaborative environments.



  • Experience the most stunning HD quality for up to 50% less bandwidth with industry-leading H.264 High Profile support
  • Transform team collaboration with a unique design and hidden technology for a variety of room uses and “true to life” telepresence meetings
  • Introduce your organization to real investment protection from standards-based interoperability; connect your teams, your customers, and your partners
  • Extend the power, performance, and simplicity of native integration with industry-leading UC environments as part of the Polycom Open Collaboration Network strategy
  • Greatest flexibility for Polycom OTX room usage. Unique multi-functional design is optimized for exceptional, across-the-table multimedia experiences whether meeting face-to-face or live over video
  • Widest investment protection through interoperability and seamless connectivity with millions of standards-based telepresence and video conferencing endpoints
  • Deepest native integration with leading unified communications (UC) platforms enabling greater flexibility and deployment options as part of the Polycom Open Collaboration Network strategy
  • Broadest international design appeal with global service, support, and availability 



Both the Polycom OTX 300 and Polycom OTX 100 solutions Include:

Polycom HDX™ video codec supporting 1080p at 30fps or 720p at 60fps
Polycom Digital Ceiling Microphone Array
Polycom StereoSurround™ speaker kit
High-definition 65-inch LCD display
High-definition video camera
Polycom Touch Control user interface
Motorized 21.5-inch high resolution content displays integrated in conference table (OTX 100: Standard Version Only)
Power and LAN access for laptop at the table (OTX 100: Standard Version Only)
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