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SMART Table for Education

SMART table for education

Bring students together for an irresistibly captivating experience. So inclusive, learners of every ability will grow academically and socially. So fun, they’ll forget they’re learning.

The SMART Table encourages small-group collaboration, and helps students build social and academic skills, together.

It’s social: The intuitive multitouch surface makes children feel like they’re playing, so small group collaboration occurs naturally. And with the capability for up to 8 children to learn together simultaneously, so nobody is left out.

It’s inclusive: Students, including those with a wheelchair or assistive devices, find learning accessible and fun regardless of their learning style.

It’s captivating: Students are continually amazed and enjoy learning on the more than 1,500 engaging activity packs that are included. Each of these can easily be customized or you can create your own to meet everyone’s needs ensuring all of your students are participating.

It’s durable: No matter how enthusiastic young learners become, it’s virtually tip proof and its 42“ LCD surface is scratch and spill resistant. The mobile design also makes it easy to share between classrooms.

SMART table for education
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