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Vidyo-as-a-Service – VaaS-T

Vidyo VaaS-T in use on Mac for Education

Vidyo VaaS-T is a hosted video conferencing solution based on Vidyo solutions & protocols, that provides the highest quality experience without the need to invest in your own equipment. Use devices you already have to connect seamlessly to anyone you need – even if they don’t currently have any video conferencing solutions.

Designed for organisations who would like Virtual Meeting Rooms for each individual within their organisation, the Vidyo VaaS-T service connects any professional video conferencing system, desktop or iOS device using Vidyo’s award-winning implementation of the H.264/SVC video protocol.

Your Own Virtual Meeting Room

  • Invite others into your own virtual meeting space to meet.
  • Choose between 8, 16 or 25 participants in any single conference.
  • Invite guests from a simple email. They simply click on a link or dial your dedicated IP Address  and within seconds you will be face-to-face.
  • With up to 1440p resolution on your desktop, the Vaas-t solution, powered by Vidyo is the ultimate in HD video quality.

Meet from anywhere

Can”t get to the office? Then you can simply join Vidyo VaaS-T from your laptop. Stuck at the motorway services? Join on your iPhone. Vidyo VaaS-t supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android.

The Vidyo Difference

The Vidyo communication and collaboration platform is software-based, highly flexible and can be easily customized for individual enterprise and vertical market video conferencing needs. The patented VidyoRouter™  introduces Adaptive Video Layering, which dynamically optimises the video for each endpoint leveraging H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC)-based compression technology and Vidyo’s IP. A

daptive Video Layering eliminates the need for an MCU and offers unprecedented error resiliency, low latency rate matching thus enabling natural, affordable, high-quality video to work over the Internet, LTE and 4G networks. The platform allows users to quickly leverage the latest hardware innovations and new consumer devices, making it uniquely attractive to partners. Vidyo has been active driving H.264 SVC and SIP videoconferencing interoperability in various standards bodies since 2005.

More Information?

As the UK’s only fully unbiased integrator and partners of all of the leading video conferencing services and solutions, we can help you compare the Vidyo Vaas-T service against other cloud based video conferencing services, and on-premise offerings. Contact VideoCentric today to discuss the available options and to discuss your business requirements to decide on the best solution for you.

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Vidyo VaaS-T in use on Mac for Education
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