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Yealink ZVC 400 – Zoom Rooms Solution

For huddle and small rooms of up to 7 users.

The ZVC 400 camera has a 133 ° field of view making it ideal for rooms where the users are sat close to the camera or the table is set widthways to the camera and TV. The camera has enhanced features such as speaker tracking and group framing and can be controlled from the touch panel. The bar includes microphones and speakers which removes the need for table microphones and the associated clutter in a small room. The core processor is supplied factory loaded with Zoom Rooms software.

Like the ZVC 300, users can share presentation content in two ways…. 1) from their own laptop by plugging it directly into the touch panel on a USB-C cable, or with HDMI adapter, 2) by inserting a wireless sharing transmitter (WPP20) into a spare USB port on their own device then pressing the send button.

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