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Behind the Scenes with BlueJeans Primetime

BlueJeans are again proving their innovative position in the marketplace. This time, with BlueJeans Primetime. It’s around 12 months since it hit the mainstream market, so let’s take a dive into BlueJeans Primetime and take a look at what it does & why it might just be the next best thing for your large streamed events.

What is BlueJeans Primetime?

Enabling a whole new level of interactive events, BlueJeans have combined the collaborative professional experience of video conferencing meetings with the scalability of broadcast events. The result? A highly engaging self-service event streaming solution that provides the benefits of both streaming with passive observers, and video conferencing with active participants, all in one neat package.

BlueJeans Primetime

Our two Favourite Features

What sets BlueJeans Primetime apart from the rest? BlueJeans Primetime has many great features, but there are two that stand out for us:

  1. Large capacity events – for large enterprises who regularly broadcast live events, BlueJeans Primetime now enables up to 3000 attendees in any one conference. But more than that, up to 100 people can be active presenters.
  2. Active vs Passive – A great feature that enables a passive attendee to virtually raise their hand, allowing the host to turn them into a presenter, switching individuals between broadcast & video conferencing mode within the live events

3 ways that BlueJeans Primetime can be used

  1. Lectures & online courses are becoming more interactive and Primetime enables an expanded audience for technology talks, campaigns, university lectures & medical findings. Perfect for international lectures, remote learning and large business training sessions, giving everyone controlled access to lecturers and teachers, wherever they are in the world.
  2. Product launches are often broadcast to large international audiences that can include the press, analysts, potential customers and partners. But how much more engaging can your product launch be if you can answer questions from around the world, bring in developers and product teams into the conversation who were unable to be there in person, or allow access for some of the worlds best journalists from the other side of the country or globe? And all whilst having control over who can talk, when.
  3. Previews and Premieres – in a similar manner to product launches, film premiers and game launches attract a huge audience. But rather than using legacy streaming that does not engage the audience, Primetime enables actors, developers, producers and programmers to be present, answer questions from fans and analysts, and make the launch even more exciting for everyone involved

Primetime is being used around the world for improving town hall meetings and enabling focus groups to take place virtually, meaning your chosen audience can attend, wherever the session is being held, without the headache of travel and lost time. More people can make your event, more people can feedback, and more people can be involved. 


Sundance goes Primetime

The Sundance Film Festival is the largest independent film festival in the United States, and brings over 45,000 people annually to it’s home in Utah. 

For the first time in 2015, Sundance festival broke down its festival walls and partnered with BlueJeans to enable remote participants & film stars to take part in the first interactive Q&A session of it’s type. Using Primetime, Sundance could bring new audiences into the festival experience for the first time. As students discussed documentaries and film industry experts discussed the future of marketing in the movie industry, the film audiences at the festival and movie buffs further afield could ask questions and engage with the panel in a way that had never been achievable before.  You can read the full Sundance Primetime customer story here.


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