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Construction & Architecture

Working in Construction and Architecture can mean constant pressure to improve efficiency and productivity, complete projects in faster time scales, and reduce mistakes and accidents at construction and building sites.  VideoCentric's Video Conferencing and Collaboration solutions for the Co


Education: Schools & Universities

Education is all about creating the best opportunities for every individual to fulfil their potential and achieve their goals and aspirations. Through empowered and inspiring educators, imaginative and engaging curricula, and fun, unique experiences, our schools, colleges and universities are the


Finance & Banking

Organisations in the Financial Industry continuously face the challenge of needing to provide a high quality service to clients whilst reducing overheads and increasing productivity. Financial services are dependent upon making quick decisions, responding immediately to fluctuations in the mar



Providing healthcare services in today's world includes constant pressure to increase the quality of patient care, control costs, educate hospital staff and provide new services.VideoCentric's healthcare solutions are built upon years of experience in both the NHS and private healthcare sector,


High Net-Worth & Private Banking

High net worth clients require specialist banking advice, and financial institutions must provide expert services and find innovative ways to maintain a competitive advantage. For tax, retirement and estate planning, these high net worth clients and the mass-affluent market are migrating to fi


Oil & Gas

In today's world, oil, gas and energy companies are facing many challenges regardless of their size, geography or product. With a mission to improve environmental responsibility whilst high energy prices continue to rise, energy providers face a difficult road ahead.VideoCentric's video communic



Video Communication solutions for the Retail sector. 


Small & Medium Businesses

For years, Video Conferencing has been perceived as a technology reserved for larger businesses, with the benefits of productivity, better engagement & customer relationships, and reduced travel costs often not enough to justify the large investment for SMB's. However with an increase in lower


Solicitors, Lawyers & Agencies

Video Conferencing Solutions for individual solicitors, small agencies, freelancers and those looking for small scale video solutions. Guest WebRTC solutions, budget video conferencing endpoints and cloud services from the UK's leading video conferencing integrator, VideoCentric.


Video Conferencing for Manufacturing & Engineering

The manufacturing industry is one of the world's most most diverse sectors, contributing the critical components required to keep today's world moving forwards. This continually evolving industry is highly reliant upon innovation and efficienc

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