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Getting Started with Lifesize: A Video Introduction

Lifesize is a simple Video-based cloud collaboration tool that enables you and your teams to connect, meet and chat between your desktop, meeting rooms and on the go. Here’s a selection of 4 x 2 minute choice video’s to help you get to know the basics of the Lifesize solution.

The Lifesize App Home Screen

The Lifesize app is how Lifesize users connect to meetings when they can’t join a physical meeting room – either from a PC, Mac, Android or iOS. This 2 minute video shows you how to navigate the home page to get to the directory, add favourites and set your camera and mic preferences.

Making and Receiving Video Calls

It’s probably the most common thing you wish to do with your video collaboration tool. There are several ways to make calls with the Lifesize app. This video shows how easy it is to get in touch with your contacts on Lifesize.

Scheduling a Meeting

You can schedule meetings using Lifesize and your most used calendaring service, such as Outlook. Select a virtual meeting room to meet in and simply send the call details out to the meeting invitees. All the options to join, including from the Lifesize app, from their browser or via the phone are included.

Advanced Moderator Controls

When you create a virtual meeting room (VMR) in your Lifesize directory, you have the ability to set yourself or anyone else in the directory as the meeting moderator. Moderators can mute/unmute individuals or everyone on the call as well as end the call for everyone. Learn more about advanced moderator controls in this video.

For more information on using the Lifesize Cloud solution, check out the Lifesize App help page here. For admins or support needs for our customers, please get in touch with VideoCentric’s support team via

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