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    Businesses around the world need to provide a Connected Experience across their organisation, to enable everyone and anyone to communicate and collaborate together, with the same high quality, familiar user experience, on whatever device they choose.

    It is all about simply connecting easy to use meeting room video conferencing systems, desktop users and mobile clients to a radically simple service that provides the “glue” to allow your teams to communicate freely with video, audio and data. No matter where you are, audio, chat, sharing and video conferencing is available to everyone within your team.


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    What needs to be achieved with a Connected Experience solution?

    • A blend of hardware, software, user experience and service
    • Anyone, anywhere to be connected, on any device – even meeting rooms, Skype for Business (S4B) users & browser based workers
    • Connect to a wide range of applications without users needing to know how the technology works
    • Flexible, easy-to-deploy and grow
    • Simple enough to be used by anyone
    • The richest set of features both in the cloud and on-premises, without compromises
    • Instant and scheduled calls, direct call and “meet-me,” single and group video, as well as voice calling. 

    Lifesize Icon HD Video system with Dual Screen Display in Meeting Room

    Connect everyone, everywhere, whether Skype, Hangouts, Zoom & Microsoft S4B, Lifesize and more

    Creating a Connected Experience across your Workforce

    Creating a Connected Experience means having access to all the features you need for simple conferencing & collaboration, whether on a laptop, tablet, smartphone, PC, Mac or in a meeting room. Your employees want to seamlessly connect with whoever they need to, without worry as to how the technology works, what device they are using or where their colleague may be. The solution must be:

    • Extremely simple & intuitive for all
    • Sophisticated, sleek and professional
    • Accessible & scalable
    • Fully featured to allow for all needs of your business

    Today, anyone considering video conferencing should be looking for the Connected Experience. Rather than individual components, a miss match of interfaces and confusing technology, a solution needs to be a blend of hardware, software, user experience and a quality service that can be accessed by everyone. 

    Lifesize cloud showing on Lifesize icon, laptop, tablet and phone

    Providing the Connected Experience for all employees, however they want to collaborate

    Getting The Connect Experience with Lifesize Cloud

    VideoCentric provide a whole range of cloud based Video Conferencing services for our customers, with a range of needs and requirements. We even have our own service, The VideoCloud, for those looking for a simple & secure Virtual Meeting Room offering.

    However, we believe Lifesize provides a leading option for creating a connected and collaborative experience across organisations, due to it’s full array of collaboration features for audio, video and content, it’s powerful integration with Lifesize’s high powered meeting room Video Conferencing systems – the Lifesize Icon series – and a wonderfully feature rich set of applications for desktops, laptops and mobiles that provide features needed for superb collaboration in the enterprise.

    The Lifesize Cloud provides:

    • Video, Audio and Web Conferencing – in HD, standards-based, with chat, presence, recording & streaming
    • A Corporate directory & presence, pre-populated with name & profile based dialling
    • Unlimited Meeting Rooms that any user can create & personalise – Personal spaces, department rooms or for specific projects
    • Direct calling to another user or meeting room – not a “meet me” service that requires everyone to call into a central place
    • Scheduling & calendar reminders, integrating with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and any ICS compatible calendar
    • Instant Messaging, both in and outside of a call
    • Local call rates for over 60 countries – perfect for audio callers & greatly reduces international call costs
    • Recording & Streaming to personal & company video libraries – a “corporate YouTube”, perfect for training & running Webinars
    • Integration with Microsoft Outlook, Teams, Skype for Business/Lync, Google Hangouts, WebRTC and any standards-based Video Conferencing system or software
    • Analytics through a dashboard to pull in-depth reporting and statistics – participant metrics, call lengths & device usage
    • The same look & feel in all applications, whether mobile, desktop or laptop

    The Lifesize Cloud is based in data centres around the world, providing a highly secure and resilient service, and updates are pushed out with new features & functionality, every 3 weeks.


    Try the Lifesize Cloud out! 


    The Lifesize Cloud is available as a number of different plans including the Lifesize Cloud Small, Cloud Medium, and Cloud Large offerings, depending upon the needs of your organisation. 

    Lifesize Video Conferencing Solutions

     Video Systems For the Meeting Room

    Whatever the size of your meeting rooms and collaboration spaces, there are professional Video Conferencing Systems that can provide the highest quality video and data sharing that ensure your meetings are productive and interactive. With standards-based video conferencing systems from Polycom, Cisco and Lifesize, or non standards based systems from the likes of Vidyo or Microsoft, you can turn your meeting room into a fully collaborative workspace. 

    To create the fully Connected Experience, you will want a system that will integrate perfectly with your workflow. If utilising a solution such as the Lifesize Cloud, choose a system designed to be paired with it – The Lifesize Icon – that will provide a huge range of features that are not just interoperable, but are designed to integrate with this feature rich service.

    • Lifesize Icon Series – The Icon 400, for small rooms, Icon 600 for medium rooms and Icon 800 for large rooms or more specific AV integration projects
    • Choice of professional Video Conferencing cameras included with optical zoom options & Pan/Tilt/Zoom
    • 1080p quality, with options for single or dual screens
    • Provided with a touch screen phone with high quality echo cancellation & microphones, and can be used as an audio conferencing unit too
    • Datasharing for presentations & data collaboration
    • Automatic Configuration to the Cloud, with your Icon system appearing as a contact within your corporate directory
    • Cloud Features provide multiparty calls, reporting & scheduling for your meeting room, recording & streaming and corporate directory access, accessed via the touch phone

    Lifesize Icon 400 Video Conferencing System with screen and touch phone

    The Lifesize Icon 400 for Small Meeting Rooms and Huddle Spaces

     If you already have Video Conferencing systems or software, then no problem! You can connect into the Lifesize Cloud with those too, however if you are a Cisco house, then you may be interested in Cisco’s Connected Experience with the Cisco Spark application, or similar offerings from other manufacturers too!

    Or, if you’d like to explore more options, take a look at “Solutions for Small Meeting Rooms and Huddle Spaces” and “Professional Video Conferencing Solutions“.

    Desktop, Laptop & Mobile

    Lifesize have create applications that look, feel and work the same – on whatever device you choose. Cloud works on your laptop (PC or Mac), tablet and smartphone (Android or iOS), and your Google Chrome or Internet Explorer browser. You can even join a Lifesize Cloud meeting from your Microsoft Lync or Skype for Business client. With the Lifesize Cloud app, you get native Cloud integration, including:

    • Pre-populated directory with presence support
    • Meetings directory
    • Instant messaging & chat – inside & outside of calls
    • Favourites list

    Whether using HTC, Samsung, Google Nexus, Motrarola, Amazon Fire, iPhones, iPads, Microsoft Sureface or even Intel based tablets within your organisation, your teams can connect, communicate and collaborate with Lifesize Cloud.


    You can start your free 2 week trial of the Lifesize Cloud today, or give us a call and we will arrange for an award-winning Lifesize Icon video endpoint to be delivered to you to try out alongside your Lifesize Cloud trial. 


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