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    The way we do business has changed. Thanks to mobile devices, technology developments and the accessibility of the cloud, companies are facing a growing demand for collaboration tools that seamlessly connect them to clients, colleagues and partners, wherever they are located.

    But Collaboration is more than a technical architecture, solution, or product. It is the experience that integrates people, processes, and technology. Collaboration is a thriving business culture in which multiple employees work together to reach a common goal, solve a task or complete a project. Improving the way your teams can collaborate empowers them to work together in new ways to transform your business, be more highly productive, accelerate innovation and do much more with less. Video Conferencing spaces, Mobile technologies and cloud solutions are all available to improve collaboration throughout your organisation, and with these collaboration tools, the idea of siloed workstreams is becoming far less common.

    • One half of business productivity relates to how effectively employees collaborate
    • Two thirds of employees say they are doing more collaborative work than they were three years ago
    • The average employee today must collaborate with 10 or more people to accomplish day-to-day work

    The Value of High Quality, Anytime Video Collaboration

    The stats say that promoting collaboration in your business makes sense. However, studies show that collaborating simply through voice or email just doesn’t cut it. In fact, companies that use video-enabled business processes, including meetings and ad-hoc collaboration, are reporting that project management performance is increased ninefold, and business performance by 65%. 

    Studies from leading researchers at ZK Research also state that:

    “73% of meetings end sooner with better results when done via video. Attendees retain meeting information 40% better when meeting by video instead of phone only”

    The value of high quality any-time video collaboration can be measured in more than just percentages and numbers. Adding video collaboration assists your organisation with todays business challenges including enhancing project management, improving business performance, strengthening relationships with customers, partners and suppliers, improving customer service & loyalty and making complex information readily accessible through real-time sharing, for more informed, consistent decision making and a more agile workforce. 

    Implementing collaboration solutions help businesses to:

    • Flatten organisational hierarchy and better communicate with all levels of the organisation
    • Elevate and personalise communications to improve the quality and speed of decisions
    • Save time, simplify workflows, and increase workforce interaction and productivity
    • Build trust & understanding across time zones & in teams with video communications
    • Improve customer responsiveness by facilitating faster access to experts and information

    VideoCentric work to improve the way your business collaborates by working with you to recognise your key business drivers and where efficiencies can be made, then implementing professional, expert & world-class tools & technologies throughout your workforce. So how can collaboration technology address your key business goals?


    Organisations are looking to create more interactive and collaboration relationships with customers. By enhancing your customer service with Video Collaboration tools, you can:

    • Provide a faster, efficient, face-to-face customer service
    • Create more interactive and collaborative customer relationships
    • Locate & access remote experts
    • Reduce per interaction cost by reducing reliance on telephone contact

    It is important for organisations to keep a consistent user experience, whilst constantly improving the speed, quality and capabilities of their customer service, to stay ahead of the competition. Solutions including the Cisco Business Edition 6000 as part of a Cisco CMR solution, or cloud based collaboration solutions such as the Lifesize Cloud or VideoCloud can provide your business with what you need to improve collaboration throughout. Talk to VideoCentric today to discuss your collaborative requirements.


    Improve communications, accelerate decision making, develop relationships and increase productivity by enabling your teams to meet face-to-face remotely and provide them with the tools to share content, consult with experts and deliver a personalised service. By implementing Video Collaboration solutions into your organisation, you can:

    • Enable Mobile workers and BYOD, improving access to employees and specialists, whilst providing a more flexible work initiative for your organisation
    • Improve linear telephony with engaging video
    • Collaborate with partners and suppliers by providing the ability to easily share information, interact in real time and communicate across multiple communication channels, way beyond email and telephone contact

    Whether looking at improving collaboration for employees at the desktop, with software clients such as Polycom RealPresence Desktop, or professional desktop endpoints such as the Cisco TelePresence EX Series, or by video enabling your meeting rooms, remote workers and boardrooms, discuss your requirements for collaboration with VideoCentric, the UK’s leading Video Conferencing and Visual Collaboration Integrator


    Organisations are looking for ways to improve employee engagement by providing employees with better information access, flexible working options and more ways to participate in meetings. Video Collaboration solutions can:

    • Support remote workers, teleworkers and branch offices
    • Deliver training and professional events throughout your organisation, to customers and to suppliers
    • Create effective team workspaces that encourage collaboration with near and dispersed teams

    By improving employee engagement, organisations can reduce staff turnover, increase the knowledge throughout the team and greatly reduce costs associated with training new staff. Speak to us to discuss how video collaboration solutions such as our VideoCloud portfolio, or the Cisco SX Series and SMART Business Collaboration Solutions can improve employee engagement within your business. 

    Polycom has recently released research results looking into improved productivity and employee engagement. Read the news release here.


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