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  • Improving the speed and efficiency of the UK justice system has been a key objective for the government for the past 5 years, with the task of finding 15% savings on everyday expenditure and 50% reduction of back-office functions by 2020. However, by 2015, the length of court cases had in fact increased by 7% over the previous 4 years, showing a worrying trend that has continued to increase.

    Recent research by the Ministry of Justice, Government think-tanks, and Accenture, looking at digital Justice and how speed and efficiency could be improved, has dubbed the use of Video Communication technology a key part of the answer to solving this challenge. Virtual courts for pre-trial and case-management could make major savings in police time, transport costs and custody resources, amongst much more.

    VideoCentric’s video enabled justice solutions enable organisations to improve access to justice and provide the best possible experience for victims and witnesses to give evidence. Solutions such as Video Conferencing and collaboration technology in the court rooms, at police stations and at custody centres deliver flexibility and access to court time, and assist with the ongoing transformation of digital policing. 

    To discuss options for virtual courts, video enabled justice solutions and video communications for police forces, courts, prisons and defence and witness teams, get in touch with our teams today. Find out more about what secure communications solutions are available from the world’s leading video communications manufacturers, including Cisco and Polycom, ISDN gateway and firewall management services, on-premise and cloud based services, recording and streaming solutions, and remote collaboration technologies. 


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