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Videxio for Microsoft’s Skype for Business: Review

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To many, Skype means video calling. After all, it was the consumer application which brought video communication to the mainstream and has helped video excel to become far more pervasive across both the home and therefore business, in the past 3-5 years. Even though it has always been just as effective for IM and low cost VoIP calls, video is what really stands out to most people. 

However video has never really been seen as a strong point, in the business setting. Interoperability being the key issue, meaning only Skype for Business can call Skype for Business – end of. This has been seen as a major limit to how useful Skype for Business can be, though solutions such as Videxio are holding the key to compatibility and connectivity, making proprietary software solutions a thing of the past. 

With Videxio launching a Gateway-as-a-Service solutions for Skype for Business, utilising Pexip as it’s backbone, Microsoft Skype for Business to other standards-based solutions is now more simple than ever.

Our friends at Commstrader regularly provide a great amount of content and detail for organisations to learn about the Video Conferencing and Collaboration world. Read the rest of their “Videxio Review: Video Connections for All – Through Skype for Business” here.

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