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Waterloo Upgrade August 2017: Prevent your Business Being Effected

Waterloo Station Upgrade Disruption

With the £800 million Waterloo station upgrade now underway, aiming to provide an additional 45,000 passenger spaces on trains in and out of the station every single day, the past two days have seen rush hours filled with thousands of frustrated commuters and hectic scenes described as “absolutely suffocating” at the station, with half of the platforms currently closed for up to a month. In just two days since the work began, tubes and mainline trains have been severely delayed, and passengers have been venting frustrating across the social media world, after many are unable to reach platforms due to the sheer number of people with information been ineffectively distributed. Network Rail have been advising passengers avoid the area and use alternative routes wherever possible.


The costs associated with these kind of travel disruptions are often not easy to calculate, with thousands of businesses and workers deeply effected by extended and changed travel times, and with the Federation of Small Businesses warning that “the problems will have long lasting implications for small businesses.”waterloo-3

As an organisation that utilises flexible working policies to greatly reduce travel needs and provides an option for continuing work during disruption of this kind, we directly recognise the savings to our business, not just in terms of reduced travel times, but also related to employee productivity and engagement. Thanks to today’s technology, our teams, such as our Marketing and Communications Manager, can work remotely and still be just as engaged and effective as when working at the office.

With video, cloud-based collaboration and the ability to work on any-device, at any time, our teams are not hindered by disruption such as that seen at Waterloo this week, and in fact, we enable employees to continue their meetings, decisions and customer communications without worry. 

One solution that works extremely well for these ad-hoc and unplanned disruptions is VC365 – a cloud collaboration platform that, unlike other cloud services, can be subscribed to on a month by month basis, with just a month’s notice, meaning that when these complications occur, an organisation can simply advise employees to work flexibly – keeping both employees happy and the business running smoothly.

Have a chat with our team today to discuss the various solutions available to help you quickly reduce disruption caused by this months upgrades – we’re happy to help out with keeping your business on track. Or, kick start a VC365 trial off today and see how it could help your teams stay productive, whatever the business disruption in the future. 


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