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Ways Cloud Based Phone Systems Help your Business Go Green

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There are plenty of reasons why your company might want to embrace a greener approach in the years to come. One of the main drivers is that today’s younger (and more monied) generations prefer to pay more for services and products that come from sustainable brands

What’s more, going green also means that you can set yourself apart from the competitors in your field. Demonstrating your commitment to the environment, and the needs of humanity is an excellent way to make yourself stand out in today’s competitive marketplace. 

The question is, where do you start implementing your environmentally-friendly initiatives?

Going Green with Cloud Communications

One of the easiest ways to begin establishing your green business strategy is with the benefits of a cloud-based phone system. According to a Carbon Disclosure study, US businesses with revenues of more than $1 billion could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 85.7 million metric tons by 2020, just by spending 69% of their budget on cloud services. 

So, what is a cloud-based phone system?

It’s a communication strategy that eliminates the need for excessive hardware in your business, by delivering data through the cloud. A unified communications solution on the cloud changes the way that your company works, creating benefits for both the environment and your enterprise. 

Make Remote Working an Option 

Many companies are exploring work-from-home and mobile working initiatives today, because of their ability to boost productivity and reduce stress in employees. However, when your teams aren’t commuting to work each day, they also aren’t contributing as many carbon emissions from transport vehicles. Employers also get to save on utilities and power, because they can invest in smaller office spaces with fewer people to house. 

Cloud-based phone providers can deliver the benefits of a cloud-based phone system through solutions from companies such as RingCentral, which keeps employees connected wherever they might be. There’s even the option to host global video and audio conferences, to reduce the need for expensive travel. 

Reduce Hardware Investment

Another way that cloud communications can have a positive impact on the environment is by reducing the need for physical phones. VoIP softphones allow employees to make calls over mobile and web apps. This means that companies don’t need to invest in as many industrial resources to create plastic desk phones. 

What’s more, even if you continue to use your desk phone with your cloud communications service, you can at least make sure that you’re reducing waste. The scalability of cloud communications means that new phones can be added to your system as needed, with no need to keep an excessive inventory “just in case.” 

Update According to your Needs

In years gone by, updating a phone system often meant throwing away countless plastic desk phones, and purchasing new equipment instead. However, today, updates can be accessed and downloaded according to your individual needs. This reduces equipment waste significantly. With the help of an accredited integrator such as VideoCentric, you can upgrade your UC software however you see fit, without having to buy new tools. 

There’s even the option to combine your unified communication services with collaboration tools like RingCentral Glip for an end-to-end communication strategy. This means that when you’re sharing files and documents with between employees, you can use digital files and screen sharing, rather than faxes and print-outs.  


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Irina Kirnos is a Product Marketing Manager at RingCentral in EMEA. With experience in the cloud software and communication industry spanning Silicon Valley, Research Triangle Park and now London, she enjoys working collaboratively with global teams to develop product messaging and positioning, sales enablement and competitive differentiation make this possible for startups and large businesses anywhere in the world. 

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