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Who uses Lifesize? A few more than you may think…

Lifesize Video Conferencing Customers

Being an integrator of many Video Conferencing and collaboration technologies, we are often questioned about some of the particular vendors that we put forwards as our advised solution for a particular business need or aimed outcome.

Although some of the big names – Cisco, Microsoft etc – are known and trusted by many large organisations around the world, and we regularly work with organisations and solutions based on these platforms, some of our lesser known vendors often come up trumps when features, functionality and requirements are compared – Lifesize being one of them.

Who are Lifesize?

Although many still may have not heard the name “Lifesize” when researching Video Conferencing and Cloud collaboration, Lifesize has in fact have been solid in the marketplace for over 15 years, with more than 200,000 customers… and are continuing to grow.

Although somewhat smaller than some of the big players in the marketplace, they have always been at the forefront of technology developments, and have a grand reputation in the industry due to being the first to bring HD Video Conferencing to market, the first in the market to move entirely to a cloud based platform hosted on a mindblowing 22 international nodes, and now, launching the first ever 4K dual stream full Video Conferencing solution at the back end of 2018. Not a company to be sniffed at, by any means. 

So Who Uses Lifesize?

Although VideoCentric have many customers using Lifesize for their national and global communications (i.e. Ligentia – take a look at the case study here), there are a huge number of well-known organisations, alongside some more unusual names globally, that use Lifesize Communications to be more productive and work better.

Here’s just a handful of companies you may recognise, followed by a couple of notable stories, to help you see why Lifesize really does have it’s place and why it is now more important than ever to consider rolling out a solution not just based on an industry name, but also based on feature sets, business agility and more highly experienced teams too. 

Lifesize Video Conferencing Customers

Paulaner Brewery, Munich

Since 2015, Paulaners brewery facilities and offices have been located across multiple sites within Germany, alongside distribution companies being based around the globe, including in China, Italy and the USA. To reduce staff sitting in traffic commuting in and out of Munich to the remote offices, and to improve communications with distribution, Nikola Parlov, System and App Developer at the brewery recognised that Video Conferencing was the obvious addition to their business.

Through a local partner, Nikola carefully compared a number of established players across the industry against select criteria, and required a cloud-based solution due to performance issues with on-premise platforms when communicating with distribution channels in the likes of Asia and beyond. Lifesize was selected as the best solution to fit all the requirements of the company, and Lifesize meeting room systems, Lifesize Cloud software at desktops and on mobile devices, and an array of AV equipment was deployed soon after, all connected into the Lifesize communication platform. Here’s three key comments from Nikola:

“One of the most popular features is the ability to invite guest callers to the meetings, who can then join the conversation with a simple click in their browser. This works especially well with partners in China.”

“The costs have been recouped within weeks, as the travel costs have been so drastically reduced”

“The price/performance ratio was simply the best for our needs”

You can read the full Case Study here >>

Evolution Gaming

The World’s largest B2B Live Casino Provider & regulator of William Hill, 888poker and Unibet

With over 250 employees located across Latvia, Malta, Sweden and the UK and teams located throughout Europe, Evolution Gaming decided to transform their technical, infrastructure heavy and labour-intensive installation to a simple, subscription based and feature rich cloud-based platform from Lifesize. 

By enabling more simple, user friendly and cost effective tools, Evolution Gaming has moved away from a difficult and low usage platform to one where ad-hoc day-to-day and weekly communications are held regularly, upcoming products and plans are shared around the world, and brainstorming sessions, interviews and pitches are now easily carried out via video. Head of Infrastructure, Alex Haywood commented,

“The audio is rich, the video is HD. It’s like sitting in the same room together even through at times we are thousands of miles away”

“Each employee can access or host a meeting from their own computer or phone, at any time—it’s that simple”

“We no longer need to make heavy infrastructure investments. Lifesize Cloud has been the perfect fit for us to achieve our goals and prove we are on the cutting edge of technology”

You can read the full case study here >> 

The Ponca Tribe of Nebraska

Bringing remote members of a tribe together via video has never been a key area for the Video Conferencing industry, however this story shows just how important Video can be, not just for large businesses, but for helping people connect their cultures and communities in a modern age.

Located in both urban and rural locations across 15 counties of Nebraska, South Dakota and Iowa, the Federally Reconised Indian Tribe is as dispersed as it is diverse. Video Conferencing isn’t likely the image you conjure up when thinking of tribal communications, however with 4000 tribe members with diverse needs, and numerous offices to provide health, social, educational and cultural services to its members, Ponca Tribe members found themselves travelling 3.5 hours 1 way to attend council meetings – not cost or time efficient for anyone.

Much of the community was skeptical at first at the idea, when presented by Tribal Chairman Larry Wright Jr. however the small initial implementation demonstrated an $80,000 saving in the first year on travel alone. Following these results, more Lifesize equipment was deployed across the states, with council meetings now able to be recorded and shared to members across the USA. By 2018, the tribe has multiple Lifesize Icon systems and many staff using the mobile Lifesize app, and has transformed how the organisation communicates with its community. Video is now used for housing and economic development, healthcare, committee meetings, human resources and more, and use of the platform continues to grow and have a huge positive impact on the growth and development of the tribal organisation. 

“With Lifesize, the community is at a level that it has never been before, and the presence of video has changed the stability of meetings completely…. We even require committee members to record and share their meetings now.” 

“I don’t have any hesitations about Lifesize, its use, and what it means to our tribe and maximizing those efficiencies.” 


If you would like to hear more about how Lifesize could work for you, or find out more about the Lifesize Cloud platform and creating a fully connected experience for your teams, call us on 0118 9798910 or pop us a quick message here and we’ll get back to you. Alternatively:


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