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    A public cloud is the standard and most well known cloud computing model that has taken the technology & IT world by storm over the last 5-10 years. By investing in & implementing a set of resources in a data centre and sharing access to this equipment across the public internet, a service provider can provide a fast service to multiple clients that is cost effective, scalable and flexible.

    Perfect for those organisations who need the ability to scale as they grow, or for those who need seamless response to fluctuating activity, the primary benefits of a public cloud include:

    • Scalability
      A public cloud has a large resource pool that can be accessed so as a company grows and needs more ports for multipoint conferencing, or an organisation requires a one off bulk recording & streaming capability, the capacity is available and can be provisioned almost immediately.


    • Cost
      With greater resources, a service provider benefits from economies of scale, resulting in a reduced overall cost of infrastructure passed onto the user. In addition, with less bespoke configuration of cloud resources, and with centralised management of equipment, costs are dramatically decreased. Plus, with the ability to scale when needed, an organisation doesn’t pay up front for capacity that is going to waste. And with some services offering Pay As You Go models and pay monthly offerings, such as available with the VideoCloud 365 service, you pay for what you need, when you need it, in a simple operational expenditure.


    • Low Maintenance
      Due to the fact that the infrastructure is hosted off site, internal IT teams are not responsible for the maintenance and support of the equipment. For Video Conferencing solutions, the infrastructure of which has long been a black sheep in the IT world with it’s complexity resulting in the requirement of specialist knowledge, a public cloud solution is seen as a more simple way to enable an organisation with video based communications, without the need to employ specialised staff.

    However, public cloud solutions are also known to have their disadvantages, and organisations need to keep in mind that moving to a public cloud means lower visibility and control, lack of investment & gained capital, and lower security – however this can be often disputed.


     Discuss Public Cloud Solutions With our Experts 


    What type of business can benefit from a Public Cloud?

    For small and medium sized businesses, a public cloud service provides access to solutions that were previously not available – generally due to the cost of implementing an on-premise solution being far too high. Where a small business could not justify spending tens of thousands upfront for equipment such as an MCU, a recording server, a firewall traversal solution and various gateways, many of the features and ports which may never be utilised, a pay monthly public cloud offering can provide just the features & capacity needed at a manageable monthly cost.

    For larger organisations, a public cloud solution can also provide many benefits – as long as security policies and bespoke configuration are not a concern. At a relatively low cost, a public cloud video conferencing service can enable a large organisation to deploy video at the desktop and provide interoperable mobile video to flexible workers across their whole workforce, quickly and easily. 

    What Public Cloud Services are Available?

    There are a huge range of Public Cloud services available on the market today, including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings. 

    Some of the largest Public Cloud services available today include Microsoft Azure, IBM’s Cloud and the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, which are generally utilised to provide scalable cloud storage space, and consumer services such as Facebook and Spotify, which enable photos, content & music to be accessible from anywhere.

    There are also many Cloud services available today to satisfy business Video Conferencing and Communication needs.

    Video Conferencing in the Public Cloud

    Cloud Video Conferencing

    Video Conferencing in the Cloud is a newer concept for many organisations who may utilise some cloud services for storage and other IT functions, however have continued to deploy on-premise solutions for Video Collaboration and Unified Communications. 

    Many of the major Video Conferencing vendors now offer public cloud-based video services that enable an organisation to utilise video network infrastructure in a more scalable, manageable and efficient way. In addition, many systems integrators and resellers now offer their own service portfolio’s which are often based upon a world leading vendors equipment, but with added services or alternative niche features, often developed in response to specific vertical markets requirements or customers with specialist needs. 

    All offering different benefits and features, reputable public cloud Video Conferencing solutions include:

    Want to know more?

    As the only 100% unbiased Video Conferencing Integrator, VideoCentric can assist you with making the right choice for your organisation. With both vendor solutions and our own VideoCloud offerings in our Cloud portfolio, we have a unique ability to stringently test each solution with and against one another, and provide the indepth knowledge required to any organisation looking at moving towards a public cloud.


    Why not start a Free VideoCloud trial? 


    Our own VideoCloud public cloud services have been designed based upon feedback from customers and their requirements, and based upon issues we have found in our test labs with regards to on-premise offerings and other cloud solutions on the market. With focus on security, performance, interoperability & simplicity, and based within the UK’s most energy efficient data centre with government grade security and numerous ISO accreditations, the VideoCloud is providing high quality and resilient Video Conferencing to those who recognise the need to be supported & maintained in the UK by Video Conferencing industry experts. 

    Feel free to contact us today where we can discuss each public cloud service available today, their benefits and drawbacks, and enable trials for your organisation of the solution that best fits your needs.

    Remember, your organisation might benefit further from looking at Private Cloud Solutions or a Hybrid solution for your video communications strategy. In addition, managed services, on-premise deployments and co-location offerings might be the best solution for you. Talk to us today to find out the best options for you, or discover more by taking a look at the products & services below!



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